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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. I think there is a 99% chance that people will say we overracted if either 1) we actually are overreacting or 2) the current approach manages to keep it from getting really bad.

    If we get to the point that someone like Wexahu admits he was wrong - it means we are in a lot of trouble because it got out of hand.
  2. The people who are worried are going to get it right no matter what it seems. If it blows up. We were right. If it doesn’t, it was because of the drastic steps we took.

    So I guess the real question is at what point would Wex say he was wrong. Knowing his opinions on a lot of other threads, I think the answer is “never”.
  3. Funny, he doesn't look Irish...

  4. black irish
  5. Gonna refer to Wex as Vanessa from here on out...
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. I haven't read much of this thread, so maybe it's already been discussed, but trivializing things a little bit, it will be interesting to see how this progresses over the next month from a football season ticket renewal perspective. Would be fascinated to know what conversations are going on behind closed doors right now at TCU.

    If things are still in a similar state or worse a month from now, does TCU extend the renewal deadline ever further? Do they enact some kind of refund policy if the season, God forbid, gets canceled? I wonder how many people choose not to renew their tickets out of fear? Maybe chronic stubhub resellers get spooked away?

    To that point, it's hard to fathom things not leveling out and getting better before football season... but what if? From a micro perspective, it would be pretty crazy if the east side club owners are forced to wait another year to use their new seats.

    Wonder how far into this year it'll take before concerns for football being cancelled become very, very real.
  8. Tech must be out this week for Spring Break.
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  9. Last name is probably Donovan or O'Neal.
  10. They'll probably just credit you for the next year. They love the cash flow.
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  11. Might want to wait to see how the economy shakes out before you start the chest thumping. Not saying he’s right, but there is certainly a path this whole thing could take that would suggest he was a lot closer than you want to admit.
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  12. My wife's maiden name is Coley and her family came over here from Ireland. Her mother's family was from Germany and her maiden name was Schwarz. Coley in Old English means dark or black. Schwarz in German means black. My wife is a double black chick.
  13. I'm not a big fan of Andrew Cuomo but his press conference today was spectacular-especially when he talked about the call from his sister saying her daughter needed a test for the virus.

    "Has she been in contact with anyone with the virus...no, has she been to any international hot spots recently...no, ok -go send her to bed and you take care of her.
  14. I too have found him curious. His actions have certainly not been one of a flaming liberal that you would expect from New York. Just a casual observation but it appears to me that the DNC may have coronated the wrong old dude.
  15. What would have to happen for you to admit that you were wrong? I'm pretty sure you're dug in at least as much as I am.

    We'll never know if this was the right move. All I know is if this drags on for too long, and for sure if this drags on into August, the consequences of doing this will far outweigh the number of lives we potentially saved, even at the CDC's worst case estimate. I don't even want to think about what the economy would look like at that point. I can't imagine anyone having the confidence to invest in anything again....if the government can basically just shut down your business because of a mysterious Chinese virus that the CDC says is dangerous, what else can they do? Not to mention the rampant unemployment, depression, and all that comes along with a completely dis-functioning economy. So for those they say "whatever it takes" as far as how long to let this shutdown/social distancing stuff go I strongly disagree. It just seems like we're cowering in fear at this when we've never really responded that way in the past.
  16. You have completely misread me. I am a small business owner here locally and our business is getting hammered. I can assure you I am not chest thumping while losing $50k per month to keep everyone on staff. I will likely have to bring people in to my office that have worked for our company for 10+ years to let them know we can’t keep them. I am just curious what the litmus test would be for both camps.
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    Was listening the the news driving home and when you hear this, makes you wonder. Can't remember exact numbers, but...

    8800 infected
    150 dead
    80 million jobs at risk

    Just really struck me hard. That's absolutely brutal.
  18. That's horrible. I hope you can figure something out.

    This will last for a few months to multiple digit months. IMO...which is useless, we are looking at a financial poop-show of at least 18 months.
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  19. Have to imagine there’s at least around 10 million people who are screwed on meeting bills and paying for necessities this month and however long this lasts.

    The magic money producing government will fix the immediate problem, but lord knows after that
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