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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. This is totally false and a complete misunderstanding of how our healthcare system works (or it's just deliberately misrepresenting it). When people say that the system will be overwhelmed, they don't mean that the waiting room will be really busy. They mean that we are going to run out of respirators and ICU beds.
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    I post this not because I believe Clay Travis or the information in the tweet but mostly just as a counterpoint to the negative posts in this thread. I look forward to immediately being told why it’s wrong by someone who doesn’t really have any clue what they’re talking about.
  3. I see only replies and counter points to someone saying some thoughtless boat. I chose the right person to block apparently.
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  4. Would love to see this.
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  5. don't think some realize just how specialized to some extent our hospitals have become in their functionality and staff

    hospital me wife has 4 rooms that are designed to isolate patients and right now are where suspected cases are held until they are confirmed or test negative.

    if a patient is confirmed with covid-19 they are being transferred to another hospital in the system that has much more capacity for that type of care.

    one consequence at this time is "elective surgeries" are being deferred if possible at her hospital. these are procedures such as gastric bypasses, hip and knee replacements, etc......

    might sound crazy, but because the surgery load has been cut to 1/3 the normal load they are sending nurses and other staff home on these floors because they aren't needed and they use a software program that tries to control cost by optimizing the use of personnel to address current and expected patient loads.

    some will ask why don't you just use those nurses elsewhere and they do some, but right now they don't have the need in taking care of suspected cases, they are fully staffed in the er, and some nurses don't have the properly fitting equipment and training to work in the isolation areas.

    example, a friend of my wife lost 50+ lbs over the past 8-10 months which means her mask that was fit to her last year if she was to work in the isolation area will not fit her thus putting her at risk. they only refit the masks once a year because this isn't something they deal with on a regular basis.

    amazes me at times just how complicated it gets at times in this country to shift resources around to provide medical care.
  6. When we come out of this, everyone take a vacation and book some hotel rooms. Cool?
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  7. too soon?

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  8. Exactly, and as was mentioned like 20 pages back, every ICU bed that is occupied by a COVID patient is one bed that is not available to a 20 year old that's been in a car accident, or a 45 year old that has had a stroke. When we are talking about the impact on the infrastructure altogether, this stuff rolls downhill beyond the impact of the virus itself.
  9. I am hoping I get some cheap deals for the TCU trip to Northern California out of this. Also got my 30 year HS reunion to book for October so hoping it extends to a cheap trip on that one too.
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  10. Literally the first thing I do will be to book a flight/car/hotel room. I’m titanium elite for life on Marriott but it’s gonna be a struggle to keep my status on American and United this year if the airlines don’t just roll it over into next year.
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  11. I need the car manufacturers to suffer and offer me a deal I can’t refuse (basically them losing money).
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  13. they actually are quite proficient at that on their own.
  14. I'm rooting for major pain
  15. highly underrated bad movie

  16. Sans Humble...
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  17. FIFY
  18. You made that up
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    major payne would say the way to beat the red menace known as covid-19 is to start boosting some immune systems so tie for the country to drop and give him 25 push-ups
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  20. Agree, somewhat. The fed folks have a network that is basically a stockpiling of those things.
    I think the bigger problem is if Hospital staff gets sick. Then you have the spike of patients and less health care workers. Not good.
    Flatten the Curve!
    I'd rather take the hit for 2 or 3 weeks than have this thing spiral beyond control and go longer.
    And for those thinking China has it under control, folks seem to seriously doubt that. There is a concern about a second wave there.

    Stay home. Get Drunk. Send Pics.

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