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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. And how do you know/judge what a REASONABLE response is to a virus that HAS NOT APPEARED ON EARTH until now??

    Look, I get that people are overreacting in some respects, but I’d much rather have that and have that overreaction perhaps impact and slow the spread of this, than the reaction that others seem to be propagating.
  2. My life motto: "Too Lazy to work, and too Nervous to Steal."

    Thanks to T-Bone Walker, who spent a good bit of time in the Fort hanging out and playing with Robert Ealey in Como.
  3. Trying to invest in hospital stock.
  4. I'm selfish. My self preservation comes first. If they take my office gig away, scheiss it, at least i'm alive. I'm in the err on the side of caution crowd. A government does not go worried like this for no reason. They are only at 1/15th testing capacity, so they are way behind. If that means the data changes for the better, fine. But I want all the cards in my favor in case it does not.
    as for sports being canceled ... i quote the great one of trophy points ... "It's just a game"
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  5. now might be a good time to buy.
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  6. Its getting dustin hoffmann/cuba gooding jr movie script like.
    This is the part where the yuppies lose it all and we rednecks takeover.
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  7. my overall view of this. some folks are screwing it up and going panic mode. some folks are too complacent.

    Regardless, this is the part where the crazies come out in full fashion. This thing may likely get worse before it gets better. I think it gets better soon. (like decrease in cases in a month soon).

    But I have food and toilet paper at my house. So I'm loading the 30/30.
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  8. You have a 30/30? Just put you on my list.
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  9. I told somebody earlier, I’ve got a freezer full of venison, a cabinet full of whiskey, a Lee reloader press and enough powder, primers and bullets to kill all you mother scheissers twice. Imma be just fine.
  10. IMO, cancelling the CWS in June is...........insanity. Really it is. Supposedly educated people making these insane decisions.

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  11. It's a race to see who can get out in front the most and show everyone how concerned they are. No reason whatsoever to cancel this right now other than some sort of public pressure to do something.
  12. Life cancelled.
  13. At this point it's a question of what can we do versus what can't we do.
  14. Here’s an interesting thought. They say this virus might be able to live on surfaces for days. Wonder if that includes envelopes? We should cancel taxes this year. To be safe.
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  15. I mean, this is March, isn't it? Damn, what nonsense.
  16. I'll be shaving about 5 strokes off my handicap this spring/summer. What the hell else is there going to be to do? I guess shutting down golf courses might be next.
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  17. In your view, what would have been a reasonable market value sans the corona and oil issues?
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  18. I knew ordering from amazon would kill me somehow.
  19. what I want to know is, who are the idiots selling Netflix stock this past week?
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  20. pga is still playing as of today

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