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Discussion in 'The Swamp' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

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  2. Sleepy Joe's gotta hustle after that report on Tara's interview:

    Could be entertaining.
  3. The whole Tara Reade Biden story seems too fishy

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if its the DNC pushing this story secretly behind the scenes. Biden usefulness to the DNC was over once he got rid of Bernie. He is no longer an asset to the DNC but a liability. This is the DNC's way of trying to thread the needle of installing their hand picked choice as the Democrat nominee while at the same time minimizing blowback from the Sanders wing of the party
  4. Festival patrons stuck do to CV19.
  5. 63,000 deaths from the flu, with vaccines and medicines like Tamiflu.

    The flu (I think) nearly killed me in 2008. I know I had what my Doctor described as the “worst case” of double pneumonia he’d seen in 2 years. I tested negative for the flu when I went to the hospital. It was hard to find a hospital room because they were full of other flu and pneumonia patients
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    Where were you when Dr Snatch was on the bus bragging about his grabbing snatch ... plus the dozen or 2 sexual accusations of 2016.?.

    Joe has always been a very hands/touchy friendly person with men/women/seniors/ children/etc. There are folks that don't like that touchy stuff... guessing all this is.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Who would it be? Hillary again?
  9. Is that a bad thing?.
  10. Yeah, some people just don't like this "touchy stuff".


    "She started talking about Joe Biden. And I didn't really know much about Joe Biden," she said. LaCasse said that Reade told her that when she was working in Washington some years prior, Biden "had pushed her up against a wall and he put his hand up her skirt and he put his fingers inside of her, and she was dealing with the aftermath of that."
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  11. Hillary is unelectable. Cuomo?
  12. That's just Joe's version of being touchy and friendly. He does it to women all of the time. And young girls.

    Nothing to see here. Nancy said so.
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  13. Not that I’m hopeful in this age of group think but it is hard to ignore the hypocrisy of an open border governor putting up a fence to keep his own citizens off a beach that they own. That should just be striking to anyone with a functioning brain.
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    I was around. That was ridiculous as well.

    I'm talking about your guy here, though. You're not a #metoo #believeallwomen guy, eh?

    Bet you thought Kavanaugh was just a friendly person and totally innocent as well?
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  15. Sorry, I must be mis-reading the language.

    ...Although he is lifting legal prohibitions earlier than many health experts recommend, Polis still backs extensive social distancing, is urging people who can still work at home to do so, and pledged he would reevaluate the state’s policy regularly in the face of new evidence in coming months.

    Is he acting too soon? Maybe. Tapper seemed a bit incredulous, as he ended the interview, “Alright, governor, I hope it goes well.” But whether too soon or just right, Polis is navigating a zone of uncertainty and competing goals that is precisely the one 49 other governors are navigating, too, not to mention every worker heading back to the job sooner or later.

    The Lowry piece focused on the role of science in informing decisions.

    The Harris one is pointing out how difficult those decisions are, from an ethics standpoint.

    Those are not contradictory, and I'm most certainly not making an attempt at any argument by posting them, Deep.
  16. Just got off the phone with a customer that splits his time between Florida and Tennessee. Said last night was the first time in a restaurant since all this started and remarked how enjoyable it was to be able to go out to eat again. The restaurant set up the tables so one one was theoretically closer than 6 feet.

    Damn, made me hungry.
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  17. The answer is: no!
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  18. Well if that's the case then why aren't all of them just burying him instead of endorsing him????
  19. What a load of crap. Now do Kavanaugh.
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