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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. It's weird. You are seeing a big segment of the populace deviate from what would be their "normal" in just about every other facet of life: Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. Instead, they are abjectly refusing to accept the possibility that this might get bad, despite that message being repeatedly put to them by pretty much every credible medical source.
    I have a pretty good idea why that is, but I don't want to be responsible for Killingsworthing another thread, so I'll keep it to myself. :)
  2. Don't know if that's what he was saying, but they have in fact been cancelled.
  4. It will not matter.
  5. Source?
  6. here is the catch, everything they are doing right now is guess work based upon conventional wisdom and one thing history has taught us is that in the end you can't stop the spread.

    as long as people come in contact with each other you are going to have an opportunity for it to spread.

    does that mean you don't try to reduce risks? without a doubt, but the reality is that just as every other similar event it will eventually makes its way through the population, people will get sick, people will die, and eventually either by the development of natural immunity, some environmental change, or the creation of a vaccine it will be stemmed.

    the question is at what cost? one of the decisions cancer patients have to face is are they willing to withstand the damage caused by chemo and radiation therapy in the name of fighting the disease.

    again, the spread of the virus is going to happen based upon prior history, heck famous people and athletes will get it, and we are going to have areas that the number of victims is more than what can be handled.

    what we don't need is 247 hour messaging hammering away on things we don't have any control over and instead focus on what we can do to mitigate our risks and decisions need to be made not out of fear but recognizing any decision such as what we have seen aren't made in a vacuum and there will be consequences regardless of the decision
  7. It's not blatant disregard for overall health of the human race though, it's just wanting a reasonable response. A VAST majority of those being seriously impacted by this are sick, elderly people. People under 20 have hardly been impacted at all.

    Money is money I know but so far the stock market has lost $4,000,000,000,000 in value in the past week. Even if you attribute half of that to the oil collapse which is probably overstating it that's $2,000,000,000,000 in asset values, and that doesn't account for the carnage to come, which will be massive unless people get moving again quickly.

    By the way, I have elderly parents, one who isn't all that healthy and one who is moderately healthy. They think this whole thing is getting ridiculous and aren't worried about it one bit as far as for their own personal well-being. Some of that is probably just age and figuring when it's their time, it's their time, I don't know. But it's hard to look at all the data and what is happening and not think this is getting out of hand from a panic standpoint.
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  8. Wait a week, maybe 10 days. I'm betting we haven't seen anything like bottom yet.
  9. Just posted on on the S-T website. I can’t even.

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  10. We all have elderly parents. If this is the end im going down spending!
  11. Too lazy to Google? Weird thing to ask for a source for.
  12. Figured that was coming. Time to invent a new sport for the next month...

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  13. Since you keep asking, one of the three cases in my state is a person in his/her 30s, no underlying health conditions, currently in critical condition.

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  14. how accurate is the data?

    if we supposedly had people who never got tested, got sick and now have recovered such as the woman in seattle working for the biiotech firm the numbers are skewed?

    i supposedly we have people who are asymptomatic how do they factor into such numbers?

    the bigger question to me is and?

    new york is taking all these steps and what we see is an increased number of cases which is only spreading more concern because people won't accept some very basic principles.
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  15. My brother just called said that the crowd at Costco today was like a Saturday morning. Everyone lined up to buy bottled water and toilet paper.

    I guess people are expecting an explosion on the toilet over this.....
  16. Jake posted it earlier, I searched and didn't find anything, I asked, someone else said it really was canceled, I have been crazy busy at work so asked if it really was canceled now.

    Weird thing to be upset with me about.
  17. The market was critically overvalued and manipulated to begin with. Sure, Oil and COVID-19 were significant factors, but were also springboards to shake off that excess value and manipulation.
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  18. ...and if goes down farther, buy even more cheap stocks.
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