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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. They're taking a lot of heat for that right now. I imagine Airbnb will eventually refund. Too big of a fallout.
  2. #1 overall seed KU stills wants in the tourney

  3. And now for something completely different:

    Monkey gangs wars due to COVID 19

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  4. Wowzers.

    That looks an awful lot like KillerFrogs.Com on a good day.

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  5. This also selfish, looking at it from anyone's financial point of view. You can label pretty much ANY viewpoint on the matter as "selfish." I prefer "selfishly" looking out for the general public's health. If this thing were to get out of hand and overwhelm our medical system's ability to treat it, there's a pretty real prospect that EVERYBODY will be sucking financial wind.
    This is one of the areas where governments have to step in and help. Bailouts shouldn't just be for giant banks. If in the opinion of medical experts, it's a public safety concern and for everyone's safety an event shouldn't happen, then it shouldn't happen. Health and Safety>profits. BUT- If managing safety brings individual financial harm because of government or quasi-government actions, then that's what taxes are for.
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  6. A virus is a bit of RNA. This particular type of virus has a protective coat that attaches well to the type of cell tissue found in the throat and lungs. Once attached to a cell wall, it works it's way through and into the inner mechanisms of the cell and turns it into a little factory for producing new viruses. In this way, one virus can suddenly turn into 10,000 new viruses all intent on infecting the neighboring cells.

    As RNA doesn't re-code quite as well as DNA, there are a bunch of mutations in every batch, something like 30%. Most of these mutations are sterile, but some aren't and could be either tamer or worse than the original.

    The body's defenses tend to concentrate on the outer coating of the virus, which has a particular set of proteins that act as a signal to "Attack me!" The body generally has the ability to slowly eradicate the virus from itself, unless the system is already weakened by other factors. Hence, the high rate of death among weaker and older folks.

    In the Swine Flu pandemic 11 years ago, there were something like 60-80 million Americans infected and 17,000 deaths attributed to it.

    No one really knows how many the 1918 flu killed, but that one was subtly different in that it was very communicable, yet didn't seem to affect older people. It's victims were generally young adults. It is estimated that it took two years for that flu to burn it's way around the globe, killing up to 3% of the world population.

    Yet, as plagues go, that was nothing...
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  7. This is where I fall. I can’t for the life of me understand why so many don’t seem to get this part or at least appear to have such blatant disregard for the overall health of the civilian populace at large.
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  8. Yep. Spanish flu created a condition known as a cytokene storm, where a healthy immune system is triggered to "overreact", thus the "healthy people" death rate. This incarceration of Covid doesn't. If it mutates to do so, you will be able to reach me via carrier pigeon in Alaska.
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  9. Devil's advocate -- how many jobs are worth a life?

    We could suspend all operations every year for the flu to save a life..... we could tear up the roads to save a life..... stop flying....

    Just an interesting thought process. We have conditioned ourselves to accept a certain number of deaths on tons of everyday things, why is Corona so different?
  10. How dare you sell us short. We are way more vicious than those wimps
  11. I read an interesting piece a couple of weeks ago (actually from 2009) which theorized that the death rate in the 1918 flu was aggravated by overdosing patients on the new wonder medicine Aspirin. The study noted repeated high dosages administered regularly, which results in pretty awful conditions.

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  12. Most likely because Corona is a novel virus thus it sparks more fear and more unknowns. That’s just a guess though.
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  13. there is an argument to be made that it is better to take measures now and avoid this thing crashing the nation's medical capacity. take a smaller financial hit now, as opposed to the nightmare it could be. When they pulled health officials out of a House hearing early yesterday to go to an emergency meeting at the White House, just had the feeling that they see this thing about to spike. hope I am wrong. Hope all the measures they take work.
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  14. data shows that 1 in 5 who get infected require hospital treatment. That's a pretty big hit.
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  15. Investing everything i have in the stock market, figure if Im wrong will not matter.
  16. UIL just suspended the Texas State basketball championship games this weekend that were suppose to start tomorrow.
  17. This is what mass histeria looks like.
  18. Trying to raise money.
  19. Does anyone know someone who has died from the virus?
  20. I was wondering if you were saying that the NCAA men's and women's tournaments had been canceled.

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