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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Assuming this is a bit as I haven't seen anything.

    But if it happens, Baylor and Aggie will hang banners.
  2. TournamentS, as in conference tournaments

    Not THE tournament
  3. The conference championships have all been cancelled. The NCAA tournament, NIT are next. What's the point?
  4. It's not just me. All the information and data we have from the experts suggest that any healthy person pretty much does just chew up this virus and spits it out. And I do see a lot of completely healthy people acting concerned for their own safety, I think that is over the top based on what we have been told about this virus.

    Show me some data that indicates that healthy people are losing their lives or whose health is being seriously compromised by this disease and I'll change my opinion. Someone tell me why this virus has the capacity to change and become much more deadly than it's shown to be and I'll change my opinion.
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  5. Because it’s a virus. I thought you were the expert.
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  6. Duke and KU have already announced they aren’t playing, so basically it has already been canceled.
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  7. Viruses have been around since basically the beginning of time, and are still around. Bad answer.
  8. y2K beat me to it.

    Baseball will be cancelled by tomorrow afternoon.
  9. MLB is suspending all operations.
  10. Now you’re just making [ #2020 ] up.
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  11. And you still don’t understand.
  12. Bingo. Those claiming they have the “facts” are the last people you should be listening to.
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  13. That’s your short sided problem Wex. Not everyone is a strapping and healthy as you. There’s a large portion of the population that aren’t not all Wex’d up. Including my 2.5 year old son who was born with a rare condition that puts him at a very high risk. I watched him almost die Wednesday morning and the docs are confident it was related to a possible virus.

    My point is you’ve been criticizing those with concerns by telling everyone how everyone is over reacting.

    Maybe some are, and maybe some aren’t. Everyone’s situations are different. It’s not up to you to try to swing the pendulum the other direction. So take a step back and realize not everyone is as kick ass as you. Pretty tired of reading it if I’m being honest.
  14. No, he doesn't, does he.

    @Wexahu, a virus is a living organism and like most living organisms they are prone to mutate and evolve. Whereas a small mutation in a creature of trillions of cells like a human may not be a big deal, virus mutations can really change the entire thing, and cause different progession, symptoms, and mortality. That's how a virus can suddenly change and become more deadly.
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  15. Liked, unliked, so that I could like it twice for "Wex'd up"
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  16. been a while since i took genetics but from what i recall a virus attacks healthy cells by using the cells own (think it was mrna but it was an early class and i did drink more back in college) genetic material to reproduce the virus and not the components of the cell.

    this happens multiple times and over the course of time variations occur similar to someone writing the same passage again and again and again. these variations are mutations and they change aspect of the virus, one of which can be the virulence.
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  17. Had to log in to add a comment.

    Everyone is being selfish it seems. You can complain the Wex is a problem because he is healthy or you are concerned about you own son - both are from one's own point of view, both are correct.

    I think this is a huge overreaction. Went to the store the other day trying to find toilet paper and people are buying up two years supplies worth - stupid. We are not going into holes to avoid all contact with the outside world.

    Everyone going all in about cancelling events, not going out to eat, avoiding public groups, etc are all being self centered in many cases. HAs any one stopped to think about the people that work those events, wait tables, work hourly, even people like adjunct teachers than could end up without jobs for the next semester or summer classes. All these people are not getting paid, and no one is going to give them free food or a pass or their rent or other bills. They probably wont get sick but will be financially devastated for the near future.
  18. Just read a story about Houston Rodeo vendors who are going to get crushed by the shut down.
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  19. there is so much truth in your last paragraph and while i understand the motivation to do something that we really don't have a great deal of control over other than our own personal actions.

    youngest daughter works in the wells fargo buidling in downtown houston and her firm is encouraging their employees to work from home. she went in this morning to pick up some things she needs and the traffic in and around the building was significantly down.

    that building is one of many that connects to the downtown tunnel system in houston which contains numerous small businesses that depend upon the regular traffic from those downtown employees.

    the average small business in the us has less than one month's operating expenses in reserve and most business interruption riders on bop policies won't pay a benefit for this type of event.

    this has the potential to change the direction of a number of things even if we don't see catastrophic death totals
  20. they pay a pretty penny for those spots and for some this is their year.

    read an article about airbnb not refunding deposits in japan because of the way their agreement is written with the property owners

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