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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. What about Japan and South Korea? If the only argument is that it will be worse here because we surely can't handle it, then I guess that feels way too panicky for me.
  2. I have a jury summons for Monday. The thought of sitting in a crowded county building with the unwashed masses doesn't thrill me. Hoping when I call Sunday, they say not to come.
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  3. If it’s already worse than why aren’t people dying in big numbers? It’s humorous that you are condescending to anyone with an opinion different than your own yet you don’t have anything more concrete to base your argument on than they do. I guess where someone gets their talking points from makes all the difference?

    The whole thing is an overreaction. Yes, we as a country and as humans should be careful. But it’s only the non stop fear mongering in the media that is fueling this disaster. If they reported flu statistics every year with the same ferocity no one would ever leave their house.

    I’ve been in 7 states in the past seven days. I’ve been to numerous public attractions like MSG, for example, and I’m not scared one bit. But I also don’t listen to CNN or Fox News or Alex Jones or Nancy Pelosi or any politician to inform me of anything. They all have agendas.
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  4. don't believe anyone is saying the numbers coming out of china are near accurate or reliable and the most common reference i have seen on the numbers out of china is that the numbers for cases treated and mortality aren't accurate because the data used wasn't accurate.

    same can be said for every country in the world if you read the various reports whether it be italy, the uk, germany, australia, mexico etc...

    article in the guardian yesterday stated that melbourne had one lab that could process the test to detect covid-19 and it could only do 500 tests at a time.

    hospitals in the us do have access to the tests but the problem is as of two days ago those tests were being sent to atlanta and the cdc.

    this isn't about politics or cutting funding or budgets it is proof once again that as smart and resourceful we like to think we are things come up and show us just how ineffective we are at times.

    you have a virus which we have no prior working knowledge that can take as far as we know 14-20 days from exposure to cause illness, but even worse some infected can be asymptomatic.

    the potential number of people who could be exposed is significant and unfortunately it means that if an exposed person ends up in the right (or wrong) situation you get these hotspots like we see in seatlle or italy and as we have seen in italy when you have an elderly, health compromised cluster get exposed and their numbers surpass the ability to treat the results can be quite dire.

    that isn't about politics or budget cuts or whatever but sheer numbers. no different than how the government officials in and around houston had a pretty damn good idea how much rain harvey would bring and they knew you couldn't evacuate the entire area or that they had enough equipment for high water rescues.

    they had to be as organized as possible and react to the situations that presented themselves.
  5. NCAA basketball tournaments being cancelled. It's over.
  6. There is a concrete difference in opinions and facts and I can’t help you if you are unwilling to think, read, and understand for yourself
  7. So many false equivalencies here, the worst of which is taking China and then “the same can be said” for South Korea, Italy, etc.

    And you may not like it, but yes this is about society and government and thus politics.
  8. Lot of opinions in that fact based response.

    I fall somewhere in the middle on this thing. I don't think we should be operating as usual, but I don't think we should be shutting down the world either. Sweden just suspended all testing for reference (I'm personally in favor of much more testing. I think it will show a TON of people have had it but show almost no symptoms and certainly not serious ones).

    But if we are going to talk facts, let's actually use facts.
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  9. poor response. If the disease is as bad as you suggest, and as widespread as you claim the “facts” suggest, why aren’t there more deaths?
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  10. never mentioned south korea and my point was everyone's numbers are way off because for one they had no idea what they were looking at and had no means to test for it.

    then testing was restricted to people who presented with the known symptoms and a number of cases were missed because individuals presented with symptoms of other illnesses or the medical staff treating them were unaware of the potential problems.

    additionally there is huge back log around the world because of a lack of facilities that can run the tests.

    this is all about volume,
  11. Yes, but you are using opinions in your argument but believe them to be facts. I’m not on any one side of this. There shouldn’t be sides at all. I’m just not buying any narrative derived from media sources.
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  12. Sucks for the defendant.
  13. Great. So TCU fails to make the tourney AGAIN. Thanks, Jamie.
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  14. It's gonna be a looooonnnngggg off-season.
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  15. Ok cool, Hook ‘em.
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  16. Not Wex. He chews up viruses and spits them out. Can’t hurt him.

    He’s made it a point to tell everyone how stupid they are for their concerns. He’s a bigger problem than those who are panicking.
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  17. How does one classify a death due to Covid-19 if they haven’t been tested for it?
  18. We just got the "feel free to work from home indefinitely if you feel more comfortable. A decision is coming soon"
  19. according to the experts here, death is an opinion and not a fact
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  20. stop using logic

    another example of the variables that aren't known and why events such as covid-19 aren't ideal for the short attention span, 247 news environment we now live.

    there is no way for anyone to quantify the unknowns until they are knowns and i am not trying to down play this but instead saying anyone who is speaking beyond theories and hypotheticals is hitting golf balls in the fog.
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