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Discussion in 'The Swamp' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Thank you for the education and - more importantly - your service.
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  2. You're coming around froginmn.... BK might be the most normal of the normal.
  3. He dead, I think.
  4. do they charge for the corona based fictional short stories they post
  5. Gracias. Didn't even check.
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. You know, all the Trump supporters give all the people who don’t like Trump crap about their Trump delusion, and it’s true, people who don’t like Trump dismiss every Fox News article, etc... but it is just as bad the other way too.

    The second anyone says anything bad about Trump in a discussion, Trump supporters completely dismiss every single thing they said as if it has no merit because they must be a delusional Trump hater and everything they have to say is skewed by that. I’ve watched it happen all throughout this thread, and the above is a perfect example.

    Geezer is clearly incredibly knowledgeable on this topic, but the second he started talking bad about Trump, you completely shut it down and dismissed everything he had to say. You may not have come out and said as much, but it was implied.

    I’m not trying to single you out pharm, I respect you as a poster, you’re clearly very intelligent/knowledgeable and think you bring a lot to the board, this just ties in with my earlier rant about everyone being so tied to their political party that they side with them in every single argument.

    Sorry, I try my best to avoid politics, but I felt the need to say something .
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  8. Except this situation had nothing to do with Trump. In fact, he seems like he wants to intervene and mitigate and bragged about mediating situations in the presser. Trust me on this...I’m not a Trump-o-phile. Didn’t expect to be as my leanings are rarely embodied in a single person’s position other than my own. Trump routinely takes shots at my industry which is my livelihood. It appears that in this particular case Trump may start to be leaning Geezer’s way.
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  9. Interesting. I didn't take you as someone who would support a person who celebrates the death of another. Even if that person did something so terrible as to downplay the disease.
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  10. For the record, I was a card-carrying, party-line voting Republican since I was old enough to vote.

    Until Trump.

    For the record, for the entire 30+ years I was on active duty, I never knew the political party affiliation of anyone I worked with or for. Officers didn't put campaign signs in their yards or bumper stickers on their cars. Being non-political was the expected norm. Years after the fact, I learned that a 4-star general I worked for was a Democrat--only because he got involved in political stuff after he retired.

    Until Trump.

    What he is doing to politicize the Department of Defense (as he has done with DOJ and every other box on the executive branch org chart) is contrary to the founding principles of this Nation and is setting a very dangerous precedent. Ditto for his new efforts to castrate the independent Inspector General system.
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  11. Okay...any discussion of politicizing the DOJ without speaking about the uncontested king of that concept...Obama...is so lacking in context.
  12. only took 350 pages - why so soon?
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  13. Well said. However, I think your second paragraph is a bit of a generalization. I voted for Trump (as you know) and will vote for him again, but I don't mind people saying bad things about him. Hell, I've called him an idiot in this thread and often wish he wouldn't talk/tweet so much. The only things I try to refute are the extreme/overly-biased articles, comments, etc... like we've seen in here on occasion. Bring on the rational takes.

    For the record, Ron is one of my closest friends, despite our political differences. We also never talk politics, because it's usually a stupid thing to do, outside of quarantine downtime on Killerfrogs, IMO.
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  14. Just got caught up on the last 20 pages. Highlights:

    1) the squirrel flying off the bird feeder
    2) Tyler claiming Atlanta was close to the beaches, then saying they’re the equivalent of Houston more than Dallas relative to beach proximity, then claiming he’s still right that Atlanta is a short drive to the beach when it was shown Dallas and atl are the same distance from the coast
    3) the bikini girls ass squeezing into the shorts
    4) the Spanish flu cat wearing a mask
    5) a guy wearing a jug of water as a mask
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  15. Keep drinking the kool aid.
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  16. This can’t be stated enough. This needs to be a major movement in America moving forward.
  17. Just found out a guy I work with tested positive and is being hospitalized. My last contact with him was 9 days ago, when I worked an 8 hour shift with him, so it looks like I've got a week of hardcore self-isolation coming up.

    On a positive note, my wife's best friend got positive test results back, but she's been doing well and said "she hasn't felt bad at all." She had some flu-like symptoms but nothing debilitating. She lives in NYC and works with several people who were hospitalized.
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  18. Good luck
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  19. Jeez, man. Good luck to ya.
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