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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. My father ran the gas company. Couldn’t give 2 [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]s about someone at Atmos getting fired right now.
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  2. It sounds like Boris Johnson is seriously ill with the virus. He’s in the ICU now.
  3. I care. I want leaders of the US Armed Forces to have the full faith and conference of their command structure. Full.
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  4. How do you know he leaked it? Show me evidence that he leaked it that doesn't originate from the right to protect the decision. Your are speculating at best.

    So if a superior of the Captain released it, would you agree to reinstate the Captain to his command?
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  5. congrats on your dark heart
  6. If it was shown to be that AND that there was no breach from the captain including “extra” recipients AND the means by which it was sent.
  7. lol. You have no idea. You should’ve seen the message I sent riggs after his “mass grave in Central Park” tweet.
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  8. You sonuva...
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  10. It's hilarious watching the "DOWN WITH CORPORATIONS!!!" left all of a sudden carry water for Big Pharma when it comes to HCQ.
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  12. In Crozier's mind, his command structure failed him. He had no other options. Even Trump just said he is rethinking the "harsh treatment" towards Captain Crozier.

    Playing devil's advocate here.
  13. Then he resigns his command. Easy
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  14. Tell me again how Big Pharma is antagonistic to hydroxychloroquine as it donates another 3m units that aren’t even produced yet. Tell me again how much it costs to re-tool factories to manufacture generic v brand medicines? Tell me again how Big Pharma wants these compromised COVID patients to die...you know...those with chronic disease who consume a disproportionately large amounts of Rx. Tell me again what the margins are for vaccine v therapeutics? You seriously don’t know [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].
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  15. soooo, I first saw this post on my phone a few min ago. The whole thing did not show up on the screen. So for about half a minute I sat horrified that it may have actually read "I Did Ruth Bader Ginsbu" Thinking all that was left off the screen was an "rg".
  16. Let me try to make things "farmer simple"...

    The Acting Secretary of the Navy overruled/ignored the Navy uniformed chain of command.

    The Acting Secretary of the Navy told a colleague that Trump “wants him [Crozier] fired.”

    The Acting Secretary of the Navy has stated he didn't want to get fired like his predecessor (who had voiced opposition to Trump's pardoning of convicted war criminals in spite of all the established UCMJ trial and appellate processes that had led to their convictions).

    And most important, the Acting Secretary of the Navy, by ordering the firing, has effectively denied Captain Crozier his right to redress under Article 138 of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice. "Under Article 138 of the UCMJ, "any member of the armed forces who believes himself (or herself) wronged by his (or her) commanding officer" may request redress." The redress appeal goes to the next level beyond the person who did the "wronging."

    Therefore, Captain Crozier's only avenue of redress is the President...the person who "want[ed] him fired.

    PS: Trump was asked about the comments the Acting Secretary made to the crew of the ship (see earlier post). Trump said he will personally relook the situation.
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  17. Well, folks will take certain view on the whole issue. should have been fired. should have not.
    There is only one way to look at this.

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  18. True. That is what Secretary Richard V. Spencer did.
  19. Was he fired or relieved of command for reassignment? And all of that doesn’t matter a lick if his actions allowed this information to get into the press. Still don’t see the big deal. If he was that upset at the situation...resign. That would have gotten the attention he apparently didn’t feel he was getting.
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    Secretary Richard V Spencer TCU QB in my dreaammmzzz

    What happened to that guy?

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