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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Unfortunately for some but dude’s going to have a ton of ammo going into the election that he handled this very well pointing at models the Dems were pushing out there.
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  2. I think it's reasonable to assume that if it's as contagious as some think it is, that far, far more people out there have it, or have already had it, up to this point. Especially those under 30 years old.

    In fact, I think it's completely not logical to assume otherwise.
  3. This was on my Twitter feed and made me chuckle

  4. And in a twisted way, with a virus like this where so few young people suffer from anything but mild symptoms, them partying like jackasses over spring break and generally acting like they don't care, and presumably spreading it like wildfire amongst each other might actually have not been a terrible thing if the result was it accelerated the herd immunity.

    Yes, i responded to myself.
  5. Here's my logic to assume otherwise:

    We see severe disease with COVID at certain rate. The exact number could be lower than what we see based on % positive cases, but it still isn't 0. So areas where we have few severe cases (due to social distancing being used before it was too late) probably didn't have widespread disease, otherwise we'd be seeing the severe cases like we are in the hot spots. IOW the non hot spots didn't have a lot of asymptomatic carriers hanging out in the community.

    I also have data to support my logic that it was not widespread outside of the hot spots. Past two weeks we have tested from our drive through (these are symptomatic patients) at my hospital and only 12 of about 300 or so we have tests back have been positive so far. We also took RPP (respiratory pathogen panels) from patients dating back to mid February and had them tested at the state lab after the fact to see if any of those people with respiratory illness in late Feb and early March were missed COVIDs. Those were 100% negative. At least in my community, it's pretty clear there wasn't silent spread going on.
  6. curious on the size of the community for reference
  7. LMAO. They're BOTH a real thing. But one of them is exponentially more widespread and crippling than the other. And yes, deep down you know which one that is.
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  8. So in a shocking development it appears once again the Dems have taken an opportunity to tip the scale in their favor a bit to far and shot themselves in the foot (perhaps both feet) instead. AGAIN.
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  9. I'll take it a step further. If you don't think WAY more people have had this than the numbers show you're a complete scheissing moron.
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  10. What's your take on what the White House said yesterday?

    "Guesstimate of 25-50% asymptomatic non-measured cases"
  11. Or if its deeply discounted
  12. Who in the hell do you trust? Everything you post is some conspiracy gibberish nonsense and this person or that person is out to get your way of life.
  13. That show is possibly the worst thing in the history of TV.
  14. Irony.
  15. Completely agree. We may never truly know the accurate denominator and thus the true infection and mortality rates respectively. Regardless, today is the first day of any optimism I have seen in quite a while. I'll take it.
  16. I think sounds reasonable.

    I think there are two questions here.

    1. Are there asymptomatic cases? Undoubtedly, yes.
    2. Was there widespread disease? In the hot spots, yes. In the non hot spots, no. Looking like in the non hot spots we timed it right and didn't head up the steep part of the curve like in the hot spots.
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  17. What the hell has happened to all of the Pure Leaf tea. Best tea by far and we haven't had any in about 2 weeks. Apparently it's out a lot of places. We have damn TP tho.
  18. Way more people in the hot spots? Agree. Way more people in the non-hot spots? disagree.
  19. Please.....please for the love of god make this thread stop.
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