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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. the numbers for the state of texas are quite interesting
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  2. I like where his head's at (thread):

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  3. [​IMG]

    No idea what that’s from, so don’t judge me if it’s from some nerd show. It was the first “its working gif” result that popped on google image.
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  4. the expiration thing is a bit of a red herring - the only part that can actually "expire" is the elastic system that attaches it to your face.

    Obviously elastic can get brittle overtime and lose the ability to contract or even break - particularly because of exposure to sunlight or even high temps for extended periods of time.

    But right now - I am guessing the vast majority of those masks are perfectly fine to be using since they have been in warehouses for most of their shelf life.

    Just my opinion obviously.
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  5. this is consistent with what the hospital system has told my wife and the other staff
  6. Never order fish on Sunday.
  7. This thing will end if people will quit playing basketball, gathering in parks, going to churches not listening to their Governors, staying away from each other in grocery stores, etc. etc. etc.
  8. Nate Silver lost a lot of credibility after the last election. I follow him as well. Smart guy, but very biased. He speaks in a lot of truths with his models, and then when things seem to be turning positive (good for Trump), he spews this garbage.
  9. Amen! First warm days here and everyone thinks it’s time for soccer practices. One thing I never thought of was young love. Seeing more HS couple rendezvous in secluded places, like my cul de sac...
  10. Agreed. The expiration dates have to cover extreme worst case scenarios, like when a mask is set on a window sill long term with direct UV. The plasticizer and antioxidant in those products, and storage in a box should be good well past expiration.
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  11. Re: asymptomatic infection part. We really don't want widespread asymptomatic spread right now in the acute phase. We want to have acted quickly enough to prevent a bunch of asymptomatic carriers out there. If the numbers are improving and no new hot spots develop, I think that supports that we didn't have widespread sub-clinical disease outside of the hot spots.
  12. Ron acting like Phantom Menace isn't his favorite Star Wars movie.
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  13. You know the rules.
  14. There's a lot of dumb in NY...

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  15. So the herd immunity theory is for sure a bunch of BS? If there are a whole bunch of asymptomatic people out there wouldn't the logic be that the number of cases will dissipate at some point in time?
  16. LOL

    No more than the trump apologists syndrome is a real thing
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  17. Nothing to see but headrests and rocking springs...I assumed it was empty and just a rough running engine...
  18. what we want is different from what we get an there are multiple experts who keep talking about how the virus has been here for much longer, that it is spread much wider, and maybe the numbers are not as severe in terms of cases requiring hospitalization and death

    everything we have tried to do has been to protect the medical system, but that to a degree is a myth and maybe the exposure has been greater and we are further along in developing herd immunity that the models indicate.
  19. Herd immunity doesn't really come into play until a high % of the population is infected (depending on other factors, mainly infectivity). I think for COVID we would need greater than 70% of the population to have been infected to reach herd immunity, IIRC.

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