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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Me too, I just didn’t know about it.
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  2. For sure. Everyone worries about whether Lebron is upset about not playing the rest of the season. Who gives a rat’s ass what Lebron thinks? He’s rich no matter what. The people counting on income from selling popcorn or sweeping up the mess after the games are the ones that will suffer. Parking lot attendants, janitors, servers, ticket takers, and not to mention all the way down the supply chain. If hot dogs aren’t being sold at Staples Center then some guy that cleans the pens where pigs are kept is going to lose hours - and he’s four or five steps removed from the actual basketball game. This is a disaster.

    I am a full believer in personal responsibility and you have to take care of your own. I don’t believe the government should be here to solve our day to day to issues. But, and this is a big but, which I like and I can not lie, I pay taxes not to have them spent on ridiculous bureaucracies but instead to be used at times like this. If the pig pen cleaning guy needs a lift then by all means give it to him.
  3. ONLY in the USA.

    An acquaintance just arrived (30 minutes ago) in Atlanta and had been in Morocco, Turkey, Algeria, and France and upon arrival in Atlanta, no Coronavirus protocol. He never was questioned or checked.
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  4. Moral equivalency is alway the province of loosers, and a hallmark of this administration. ("good people on both sides") If you think the weeks spent lying about the potential harm "will miraculously go away", "anyone who wants a test can get one," are indicative of good leadership, we disagree.

    Former Obama administration official Ron Klain, who managed the 2014 Ebola outbreak, disputed Trump’s assessment. “The Obama administration tested 1 million people for H1N1 in the first month after the first US diagnosed case,” Klain tweeted on Thursday. “The first US coronavirus case was 50+ days ago. And we haven’t event tested 10,000 people yet.”

    Thanks for the talking points, Donnie.
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  5. I mean, we all have underlying health problems.

    Don’t we?
  6. He also didn’t declare a national emergency until 1000 Americans were dead, including children.

    I have thoughts on testing but honestly I’ve spent too much time on this thread today. I’ll weigh in another time on this particular issue.
  7. 9. Quit buying toilet paper. Quit buying hand sanitizer. This isn’t some end of the world scenario. And if it is, every movie and tv series about the apocalypse has shown that evil people will band together and steal your TP anyway.
  8. You need to get a grip. As you yourself have thoughtfully pointed out, there's a ton of difference between the swine flu, which there were EXISTING protocols for and the test is a swab with results in a few minutes, and this virus which was unknown. scheiss off. Your blatant cherry picking of information and data is incredibly dishonest and sickening.
  9. Loosers?
  10. I'm not defending the CDC botching the test but you do realize that the flu test, done in doctor's offices, has been around for many years so it is not a direct comparison?
  11. He realizes it, he's just being a total dick.
  12. Man, you're obviously not going to be reasonable about any part of this discussion. You clearly just hate this administration and want to throw rocks at it. Hell, even CNN put out a "fact check" article yesterday that said the CDC did 5,000 tests in the first month of the swine flu, and 1-million in 5 months, but great quote from the Obama staffer.

    I'm sure you were this outraged when there were no travel bans, no national emergency announcement for 6 months, and over 12k dead from the swine flu, though.

    Maybe at least wait until we get close to that total before you get this upset, unless it was the same level of outrage back then?
  13. I wouldn’t bother with this. There are people out there that simply are too jaded to realize their own hypocrisy. They love one side or the other so badly that one can do no right and one can do no wrong while failing to recognize that they are just two sides of the same coin.

    People that can’t be objective about their own team have no right to criticize the other team.
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  15. Ilitch Holdings (owns the Tigers) set up a $1,000,000 fund to pay people like parking lot attendants/vendors/ushers impacted by this. Not sure how long that $1,000,000 lasts but it’s a great idea.
  16. Cuban said he was going to try to figure out how to do the same. Hopefully he does.

    The CSC yellow jacket people at sporting events are temp workers that are going to be screwed in this. That company isn’t going to help them out in any way.
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  17. Cuban did something similar it with Mavs/AAC employees as well. Don't think it was a fund, but he's just going to straight up pay them what they would've made (could be wrong on that, though).

    Edit - damnit, peace
  18. You have to be quick when peace has been drinking after driving 9.5 hours.
  19. Another Cuban move...

  20. This is really badass.

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