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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. i said I agree with it, not that I’m doing it. there’s a lot of things I don’t do that I agree with. i agree that it’s good to eat healthy and limit alcohol consumption but I’ll be damned if im doing it.
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  2. Sure. And my take is that if the "boomerang" effect results in several dozen people getting sick that's a perfectly acceptable trade off for getting people back to work. I mean are we gonna wait until it's ZERO to go back to work and then as soon as one person gets it again fo right back into shelter??? Screw that.
  3. Look for Atlanta to soon join that, the Georgia governor just reopened the beaches.
  4. It will never be zero. That idea is insane.
  5. Trump strikes again!
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  6. newest numbers from texas department of health

    70,938 total tests

    6,812 confirmed cases which is in that ~9.5% which it has been for several days
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^should be directed at Tyler^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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  8. you do realize atlanta is 250+ miles from the ocean
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  9. Which is perfectly fine. In fact, it's normal to expect it. The idea was to "flatten the curve" to allow the hospital and medical facilities/supplies to catch up to the anticipated increased demand, and then get things back to normal. And normal doesn't necessarily mean having mardi gras style events to celebrate, it means get people out working and stop freaking out over every additional case.

    I don't want to hear on May 1 that we need to extend the lockdown another 30 days because hospitals aren't ready for demand. They'll have had 7 weeks and an unlimited budget, figure the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] out.
  10. Getting to zero not realistic, but would be nice to get to a point where you can do case isolation and contact tracing as the primary tool to keep numbers down. Hard to do that with more than a few hundred active cases in an area.

    You don’t want to open things up, people re-start their businesses only to have to shut it all down again in an area with an outbreak.
  11. Isn't that what LVH is doing...?

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  12. Dang...y'all are quite prolific for a Sunday morning. I go on a 2 hr walk and come back to 5 new pages
  13. [​IMG]
  14. i don't think it will ever truly be possible to say with any certainty that the medical facilities are prepared to handle the potential demands for covid 19 patients especially utilizing the numbers we have available to us.

    right now in texas roughly 9.5% of those tested are confirmed with covid-19. hypothetical worst case scenario if 9.5% of the entire population of texas was in fact infected with covid-19 that would be 2,750,000 individuals infected with the virsus.

    hotze from baylor health science center says the data is showing roughly 10-20% of those infected will need to be hospitalized and that gives you a range of between 275,000-550,000 patients hypothetically

    state has roughly 26,000 hosptial beds normally and 2,300 icu beds so in that scenario we are all scheissed.

    thing is if 1% of the state is infected at any one time and 10% need hospitalization we don't have the capacity and for all practical purposes we don't have a need for the capacity on a regular basis.

    i do find it interesting that while texas has just under 50% more population than the state of new york we have double the number of hospital beds and three times the number of traditional icu beds
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  15. how do you possibly do the first with a lengthy incubation period, a high percentage of asymptomatic infected individuals, and a slow turn around time on testing as well as we still haven't tested a quarter of a percent of the state's general population
  16. Why Army core of Engrs built a makeshift Hospital in Dallas to deal with Covid19.?.
  17. So you think all the people going to the beach live within a few miles of the coastline? People living in a major population center an easy drive away don’t like going to the beach?
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    FWIW that's like saying look for DFW to join that list soon because the Texas governor reopened beaches .
  19. I think this number is highly, highly overstated. Correct me if I'm wrong but roughly 10-20% of current positive cases are needed hospitalization, but they are for the most part only testing people with relatively significant symptoms. Your estimates assume zero people have already had it and recovered and zero people have it and don't know it because they have no symptoms. Is that correct?
  20. so he is lying about his wife's shifts getting cut?

    houston is looking to take over a closed kindred hospital to use to service patients who need medical care, but don't have covid 19 yet my wife has only worked half her shifts for the last 3 weeks and the hospital system has created a bank of pto hours for staff that are called off due to low census or am i lying as well
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