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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Essential services...
  2. Let’s get to the peak first before getting to that debate. Even if we hit a peak, it’s going to be a tough 7-14 days
  3. sure, they would have. trump gets roasted regardless of what he does. in january he would have been skewered - now he would have been praised once people saw what it’s doing to places like the UK and italy.

    there’s an in between of his response that it’s a democrat hoax and totally shutting borders. those weren’t the only 2 options.
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  4. Completely disagree with your first paragraph, he’d be evicerated because of the unemployment numbers and everyone would’ve called him a fool. IMO.
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  5. 321 pages in and you are STILL pushing this [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ].

    You are literally too stupid to reply to at this point.
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  6. On Jan 31 he was labeled a racist and xenophobe.
  7. Here's his interview with Trevor Noah.
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  8. im clearly not too stupid to reply.

    a democrat hoax was the initial response by trump and his base. i think it makes people so mad when you bring it up because they are so embarrassed.
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  9. The backbenching and captain hindsights of this whole fiasco have to be the worst part. It's easy to point and say YOU DIDNT PREPARE when you're not in charge.

    All these supposed sophisticated superior European countries with big governments and all - are they really doing any better?

    Plus everyone seems to ignore China lying and downplaying for weeks, giving everyone else bad info.
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  10. I agree but I don't trust Bill Gates at all.
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    4:00 p.m. Stanford antibody test close to FDA approval, Newsom says: Stanford Medicine has developed an antibody test to indicate whether a person has developed some immunity to the coronavirus, Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a briefing Saturday. Newsom said the test was “hours” from being approved by the Fppd and Drug Administration. Dr. Charity Dean of the California Department of Public Health said the serologic, or blood-based, test could determine if a person has been infected and developed antibodies to the virus. People with immunity could theoretically interact with others without risk of catching or spreading the virus. “We’re very excited that this is a California homegrown test that is going to be rolled out in the next week for actual use on Californians,” Dean said.
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  12. he was labeled that long before that. presidents are labeled awful things by the opposite side. you make decisions as president and take both the glory and the criticism. that has been true for presidents since washington. if you can’t take it - don’t run for the office.
  13. Oh they did when he blocked air traffic from China.
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  14. Oh he's doing fine.
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  15. There is no doubt that would have happened, the left would have been outraged. On the other hand, if Obama (or any Democrat) were President and we had all these stay at home orders, forced business closures, and fines being threatened for people that didn't wear masks in public, the outrage from the right would be deafening.

    Politics suck.
  16. I don’t trust you at all
  17. Interesting read. Probably why place like Jackson have pretty high infection rates. And I guess at this point, I don't blame them for wanting Yellowstone and Teton shut down.
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