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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Probably. But this is better than the guy that said the lockdown should stay in place until there are no more CASES. Beyond ridiculous.
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    Fauci is smart and credible. He has been in medical/ govt roles for 50 years and he is married to a system that leads to 10 year pharma study / FDA approval protocol. To turn away from that would be like questioning his entire career. He throws the term anecdotal around a lot. To laymen like me anecdotal means something you heard third hand with no proof. For Fauci, anecdotal seems to be any claim that hasn’t met govt dictated rigor. Doctors on the front lines are obviously ignoring this based on less scrutinized reports of success, which seems appropriate under the circumstances.
  3. Wait, you shared a beer with a guy?
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  4. Let’s be honest - the only things any President or government could have done to prepare for this type of event was stockpile PPE, create more ICU and general bed space and force manufacturing back to the US for key needs of the general population like we do with defense contractors

    none of that was going to happen until we had a real event - and I would bet now it all happens

    but as we see, no country was prepared for the event, the hysteria or the actual virus
  5. You mean you want millions of Americans to die???
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  6. thanks for the reply and your thoughts and info throughout this thread

    hopefully we can get back to your thoughts on bunting runners into scoring position, situational two out hitting, and the frogs baserunning
  7. I think/ hope the social distancing is working and other than Detroit, NO and NYC and maybe a few others where the virus already had a foothold and we won’t overwhelm our health system. Should really be able to tell over next week. While there will be debate over what to do next, will gladly like to do that over the debate of how big the peak will be, which is where we are right now.
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  8. Until we learn more, the drugs that the Potus has been recommending to take.... could have adverse reaction with Covid19. Lots of Mixed messaging from Potus today!
  9. I don’t know. all I know is that 2 countries started with the same information and had their first case on the same day. SK had one response, the US had a different one. the countries saw different results.
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  10. So you’d rather our country operate like South Korea?
  11. Not only in NYC, but apparently Sun Valley also.
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  12. There are open borders between the States that are doing the right thing, STAY at Home directives and the other 8 states. That's like having a 4 hour fight with a smoking section. Why can't he even give the 8 knuckleheads a strong request ... even though a National Stay at Home order is the very most prudent strategy for all.
  13. I am feeling pretty [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty right abt now. Maybe Eight was right. Maybe I am the modern Typhoid Mary. Got any enemies? Where do they live? I will Door Dash for a handsome fee.

    Why an Idaho Ski Destination Has One of the Highest COVID-19 Infection Rates in the Nation
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  14. This should be fun.
  15. Yep. Lots of room between "because of" and "in spite of"...
  16. No. There are lots of examples of the drug working well around the world. I posted the tweet regarding the poll of Dr's that have had success with it, I know of one successful case personally, and there are LOTS of people (family/friends, patients and Dr's) who are sharing their positive results on Twitter.

    Seems to be a good bit of positive feedback this early in the process, and the only negative I've heard is of the BS fish tank cleaner story, so I'm sure people will continue to use it if they're in dire need. The "we need to wait and see" people aren't the one's who have Covid and may die. At this point, I'm guessing it's going to be very successful and the media will HAVE to report on that in the near future.
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  17. If hospitals around the country are laying off/furloughing ER doctors, PAs and nurses because nobody is coming into the ER, isn’t there a chance we have gone far beyond flattening the curve?
  18. i would have rather our country respond to a pandemic the way SK has, yes. i don’t see how you can compare the results of the US vs SK and prefer the US. they kicked our ass from the start.

    rather than be prideful and make excuses, when this is all said and done we need to send experts, docs, public health and government officials over to SK to learn from them. that’s what businesses do. you see someone that vastly outperforms you then you learn from them.
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  19. I believe that if trump had locked down the nation and all incoming air traffic in January the media and the left would’ve continued on with the “he’s a tyrant!” line of outrage.

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