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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. He didn’t. So you’re dishonest or dumb. Which one?
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  2. why do people always want to point to nyc?

    newest numbers for texas show 63,751 tested and 6,110 cases reported which holding roughly at that 9.5% trend that we have seen the past days.

    still less than a quarter of a percent of the state's population tested and the virus has been in the houston area since january.

    how many people have had it and didn't realize it? how many people are like the worker in the texas city faclitiy that was asymptomatic?
  3. Lots of variables with a particular pathogen, but there are lot of things a country can do. Bill Gates has some interesting ideas. In particular I like the idea of being in a better position to rev up vaccines quicker, as we all know that it is the key. He's been talking about this for a while.

  4. [​IMG]
  5. new york city hospitals are looking for nurses to work their icu's

    wife got an email from a staff agency with the postings. $4,500-$5,000 per week (includes stipend) but does not talk about length of contract

    one interesting point is new york is waiving the reciprocal licensing requirement

    then you have hospitals in this state that are 3/4's empty
  6. Because that is where we clearly waited too long to act.

    There probably wasn't much disease in Texas when social distancing started. To me, that makes more sense than there were a lot of asymptomatic carriers running around but somehow limited severe disease. Asymptomatic carriers and severe disease have to go hand in hand.
  7. Beats me. I didn't see anything specific on people who 'got better', only the notation that 2 out of the 10 who were tested did not test positive after days 5-6. They were a serial population and a pretty sad bunch.

    There were 7 men and 4 women with a mean age of 58.7 years (range: 20-77), 8 had significant comorbidities associated with poor outcomes (obesity: 2; solid cancer: 3; hematological cancer: 2; HIV-infection: 1).

    Repeated nasopharyngeal swabs in 10 patients (not done in the patient who died) using a
    qualitative PCR assay (nucleic acid extraction using Nuclisens Easy Mag®, Biomerieux and amplification with RealStar SARS CoV-2®, Altona), were still positive for SARS-CoV2 RNA in 8/10 patients (80%, 95% confidence interval: 49-94) at days 5 to 6 after treatment initiation.

    These virologic results stand in contrast with those reported by Gautret et al. and cast doubts about the strong antiviral efficacy of this combination. Furthermore, in their report Gautret et al also reported one death and three transfers to the ICU among the 26 patients who received hydroxychloroquine, also underlining the poor clinical outcome with this combination.
  8. Exactly.
  9. Oh that makes it better. An editorial in The New Yorker. But just in case I’m misunderstood, I have no problem if doctors wish to not initiate Plaquenil plus Z. It’s their clinical decision.

    What I do have a problem with is the talking heads all over the place assailing this company and that company by name for not producing enough of the product without any knowledge of which companies actually manufacture the drug in which country. More ignorance of the pharmaceutical supply chain on display.
  10. People all over the world are having success with the drug, so I'm not sure why Fauci suggested that there wasn't any "solid" evidence. Hell, the only person I "know" who had it was treated with it... saved his life. I get that it's all very new and needs to be studied more, but I definitely want some if I get the rona.

  11. Because he doesn’t get credit since he didn’t test it?
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  12. lost me as soon as i saw "bill gates warned about a global pandemic" . i am so freaking sick of that because it omits the one small detail of preparing for something you have NEVER scheissING SEEN BEFORE AND HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT IS PASSED, INCUBATION PERIOD, ETC.....

    seriously, aside from not serving bat tartar in china exactly how does this thing get prevented?

    friends in coaching say last guy at the chalk board always wins in regards to drawing up opposing offensive and defensive plays.

    there are some damn smart coaches at the chalk board who can't get it down in game time.

    guess, what, we are in game time so all the we should have and we could have is scheissing worthless. same with all the we need to gather more data and we will have a better idea in a few months hopefully.

    try real treatment options and work on the vaccine but time to move from the what's to how about if we try this
  13. My wife is a PA... she hasn’t received any emails along those lines but work would be nice considering I’ve lost 90% of my income in this shutdown. My income depends on people gathering.

    thanks for the info though!
  14. You're questioning the bona fides of the author on the basis of where he's published?
  15. so because the governor of new york, the mayor, the person in charge of the new york city health department screwed ups we all are going to suffer the same fate?

    i would rather focus on the people who have done this right than people who scheissed up
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  16. For Fauci and others like him the only “solid evidence” would be a multi-center, placebo-controlled, double-blind, prospective trial powered to a 95% confidence level. And even then it would need to be replicated and published in a peer-reviewed journal.
  17. sounds like the union army under the command of george mcclellan when we need it under grant's command with sherman in the lab so to speak
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  18. No. I’m questioning why a pilot of ten patients is worthy of anything at all.
  19. no problem and my wife in her email mentioned there were a few things not lined out such as if the hospital would help find housing as most hotels are shut down etc.......
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  20. This simple minded fool thinks he's just kind of being a typical doctor, or typical researcher I should maybe say. I don't know if he feels this way, but he talks like we have plenty of time to figure this all out. And although I didn't hear it myself, apparently he said we'll be on lockdown until there are no new cases. If he did in fact say that, he needs to step down because he doesn't understand the entire picture of what is going on.

    We kind of don't have time to do study after study after study while the world sits and waits.
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