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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Pre-season rankings are baloney. Just ask the Longhorns.
  2. LMAO. This makes my day. What the actual hell?
  3. so evidently you believe that the virus will actually disappear with enough time and separation from your constant opinion about social distancing

    seems an odd perspective for a Pathologist
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  4. You seem normal.
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  5. LOLOL
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  6. I assume you feel the same about the 12,000 dead from H1N1? I assume you hate Obama with the same fervor?

    I’m sure I know the answers.

    I’m not defending trump here. I just find hypocrites to be disgusting.
  7. We aren't too late if the virus has been here since early January. We'd already know if we were. Again just speculation.
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    I wonder why Trump would be skeptical of what the intelligence community was telling him. They’ve been spot on since Iraq, NK, Iran’s nuclear progression, their soft coup attempt, the peepee tapes....

    PS: and the news that the intelligence community was warning of this comes from a very convenient anonymous news source in...the intelligence community. Doubtful they warned of anything but even if so, they’re political hacks beyond all else so news article leaks are little more than passive aggressive snipes at the President that can’t stand them. They probably minimized the threat at the same time and produced competing memos so they could leak whichever one suited them best.
  10. Wisconsin has provided an interesting observation on how ideology impacts thinking/decision making in this crisis. I follow it relatively closely because a friend is a (R) member of the State Assembly and I follow his social media accounts.

    Republicans control the legislature and they slammed the Democrat Governor for proposing alternatives to in-person voting that would allow the primary to occur on time, because this is a dangerous situation. Then they slammed him for not moving the primary back. Now they are slamming him for trying to move it back.

    Here in Ohio the same thing occurred, except it was the Democrats slamming a Republican governor.

    It's a great illustration that no matter the situation the opposition party will vocally denounce the party in charge, even if what they're doing makes sense.
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  11. You do? Did Obama claim H1N1 was a hoax? Did he disband the US Pandemic Response Team and then when called to the carpet about it lied and said he didn’t? Did Obama fire the CO of an aircraft carrier for being concerned for the safety of his crew? How many of those same sailors will die? This president’s hubris and lack of concern for anyone but himself is going to make H1N1 look like a case of the sniffles coursing through a one room schoolhouse.
  12. If only Trump could have reacted to the crisis the same way Mayor DiBlassio of New York and Governor Cuomo of New York have done, then we wouldn't have had any virus problem here. Wait, what? You say New York is the epicenter of the covid-19 crisis in the US? You say there are how many cases in New York City alone? Well, hey, the Mayor and the Governor were helpless in the face of the government's ineptitude.
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  13. So I did know the answers. Cool.
  14. do have one other question and aside from the obvious answer of social distancing how does a country actually prepare itself from something no one has actually never seen before nor know anything slightly of importance such as i don't know......mode of transmission, incubation period, etc.....

    as laughable as your flailing around calling people out for backing trump when multiple people have discussed his shortcomings in this thread alone the very notion we somehow could have prepared to something of this ilk with no prior knowledge might be the most laughable thing you have said.

    nature is more powerful, more resourceful than man, always has been and always will be.
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  15. I doubt any of those sailors die.
  16. Do we get a discount if we already renewed?

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  17. El Oh El
  18. Randoms from twitter but I was curious if my initial skepticism to their claims is correct

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