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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. I think that's right. All the test does is quantify whether you add to the "Number of Cases" total or not or if you die let's the doctors know that COVD maybe played a part. The result of the test doesn't change the way you're supposed to live one way or another so there's little point in taking a test unless I suppose you are experiencing bad symptoms, which even then if you're young and healthy you'd probably just treat it like a flu until it goes away.
  2. You seem very rational and level-headed about this, and also not at all concerned with the politics involved.
  3. It's kinda like Biden sending fundraising letters off this issue?
  4. Disagree that social distance and quarantine are synonymous. I think someone quarantined because they know they have the virus acts quite differently than a "healthy person" that is social distancing.
  5. Sorry, didn't mean to quote the anti-Semite. Ignore that bit, LVH.
  6. Cool, because that was definitely my argument.
  7. You seem sarcastic/disingenuous. If you think that eliminating the very govt group that existed to deal with situations like this, and then tweeting about how well we are handling it, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, is rational and reasonable, then yeah, I'm not rational about it. And if you think that spending several weeks tweeting that it isn't a real thing, and only being concerned with "numbers," which can hurt politically, makes ME concerned with the politics, then I will try hard to live with that.
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  8. I guess this is where you're losing (loosing) me. The guy who ran the group you're talking about and dismantled it, who is no fan of Trump at this point, said eliminating that group didn't hurt our efforts in preparing for something like this. It also seems that we've taken more steps, more quickly, than the last time we were faced with something like this (Swine flu) to get out in front of it. So, you can look for outrage that it wasn't handled perfectly (like that's even possible), but the evidence I've seen seems to show that we're doing a pretty good job with it as of now, all things considered. I guess time will tell, though.
  9. I assume you’ve considered that it’s a 100% fact that the percentage is high when you understand that confirming deaths is an actual easy and factual thing to do while confirming how many people are carrying it is COMPLETELY impossible.
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    They should not be significantly different at this point

    even if we could test every US citizen today from a kit perspective and were using drive thru stations at pharmacies without doctor supervision- it would take weeks for everyone to get through the process

    China says it did 200k a day at the highest I think - which you can do the math against our 330 million people

    by then if everyone acts normal until testing we will have a major outbreak and it will be too late

    so the government told everyone just stay home and act like you have it - and if you get it bad (breathing in particular) or start to feel bad and are high risk, go see a doctor that will test you

    but again if you are under 50 and healthy - even a positive test they are going to tell you to go home and keep away from people

    so why not just start there and see if it works

    not sure why everyone is looking for a reason to ignore doing what they were asked to do for the sake of our society or are looking for someone to blame for this happening
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  11. You think I am an anti-Semite? That’s rich...guessing you don’t know me socially...
  12. Slavitt is not a medical professional at all and especially not a infectious disease specialist

    he is a businessman at best and a bad one at that - the only thing he ever accomplished was fixing rolling out a website that a college kid could have built better on godaddy.com

    he was so bad at his job, his reimbursement plan was literally the final straw that made me quit taking Medicare/Medicaid patients and eventually just retire- that is the effect he had on our medical system
  13. No, not at all. I accidentally quoted LVH when I was trying to quote just you. LVH whose last post was going on about "The Rothschild's", which is always an anti-Semitism dog whistle.

    Sorry for the the confusion.
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  14. What are you trying to say then?

    Do you not believe that this virus is much more dangerous than H1N1 or the Flu?

    If it ends up at just a 1% death rate. That would be like if all the people each year that got the flu and went to the hospital died...
  15. FIFY
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  16. Partisan politics is one hell of a drug. And some people are so super high right now.
  17. The point is that the statistics are potentially skewed right now and only time will tell the actual veracity of this. That statement is not downplaying the severity. It’s simply underscoring the fact that millions “could” be walking around with the virus but asymptomatic and therefore making the fatality rate higher. Or, the numbers are accurate completely and we are all scheissed.

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