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COVID-19 Threads

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Yeah I don’t think it will so much good and if toilet paper is any indication, there will be a further run on surgical and N95 masks, further depleting supplies for health care personnel. Not a fan of this guideline. Just will worry people and/or even give a false sense of security.
  2. The stats on those who are being hospitalized the most and those falling to it in the end are pretty telling. Diabetes is a huge factor.

    then there are those with allergies who tend to get follow on respiratory issues this time of year. nobody can agree if that is an issue or not.
  3. We are destroying people's economic lives in the process which will lead to an increase in mental stress, depression, broken marriages and households, and suicides all for a disease that likely has a death rate well below 1%
  4. Liked For nice little glassy point break!
  5. Because people were staring at me as if I was breaking the law. There was another guy who had no mask on and we kind of gave a nod to each other.
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  6. You do know that those N95 masks are needed for other industries.
    Hey, I appreciate the medical community. But this whole public push of "well, we need the masks more. y'all fend for yourselves some other way" really sends a bad message. And it is a huge red flag that the reason they told people not to worry about masks is because they knew the supply problems.
    Had there been a good stockpile of masks, I'm thinking we are all at work, with the other precautions taken.

    Meanwhile, the screams of "stay home" are scaring the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] outta folks. So they end up heading to hospitals anyway.
    If folks were at work and not being in panic from the [ Arschloch]s on the news, maybe this would be a little more controlled.
  7. Obesity is an issue. I saw on the news about how this so called COMPLETELY HEALTHY 32 year old passed from COVID 19 then they show a picture of her and she was fat.
  8. Police state in action. It makes me sick
  9. This country is completely rudderless right now. The most compelling leader emerging is freaking Governor Cuomo.
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  10. I am convinced there is a sizable segment of our populace who believes getting COVID 19 is a death sentence. Our 24/7 panic hysteria media is to blame.
  11. You seem to have changed your tune quite a bit from a couple weeks ago. Why? Just curious.
  12. I've been in this scheissing house for weeks. So have neighbors (in their homes). And one of them still got tagged by this Wuhan Devil yesterday.
  13. OK fine save them for other industries then. Regardless not a fan of this guideline. Think it is unnecessary and potentially harmful.
  14. My tune has not changed. I said take it serious. But I never said quarantine our civil liberties in the process. From the start I said balance.

    And that lends you your and LVH's point. They have gone so extreme it makes it sound like my position switched, which it did not. This thing should be a balanced approach.
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  15. It’s getting to that point in some areas...

  16. I think Trump is a classless buffoon, but at least he isn’t liberal classless buffoon which were our choices in the last election. But liberals would still bash Trump if he cured cancer, Covid 19 and gave all his cash to charity.
  17. First I've heard of this. Had no idea you felt that way.
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  18. a barrier is a barrier
  19. She may soon since all the waxing spas are closed...
  20. Don't watch the news. Problem solved.

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