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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

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    Wearing an official campaign hat to the CDC is the best way to ensure this doesn’t get politicized.
  2. Serious question from a physician standpoint:
    Assuming you are healthy and under 70 - if you tested positive, what would you expect to have done for you?

    they would tell you to go home, take some pain medicine, monitor your breathing and self quarantine for two weeks with your family

    right now you have been told by every level of government to go home and self quarantine for two weeks anyway- even if you feel great

    so if you start to feel bad, assume you have it and act accordingly

    other than the test with a positive results - you should be doing the same damn thing with the flu basically

    As a doctor I have no idea why people feel they need a positive test - just do the right thing today and stay away from others outside of immediately family as much as possible regardless of how you feel or if you get tested today or ever
  3. *“they’re”*
  4. Ridiculous. Equally ridiculous is Chuck Schumer making sure everyone is aware that he and a couple of his Democrat cronies called for this to be declared a National Emergency. That guy is like a pig in [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] right now, he's got the stage he loves. Never waste a good crisis. The grandstanding is gross. Gonna be a fun next 7 1/2 months.
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  6. your post says it all.
  7. The biggest lie being spread is that the Trump Administration made funding cuts to the CDC. What was "cut" was the emergency increase in spending due to Ebola that the administration let expire.

    Otherwise known as "Washington Accounting", this is how slimy politicians justify their spending increases every year. Because even a reduction in the proposed increase in spending is blasted as a "SPENDING CUT WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE" by politicians.
  8. Why are people continuing to push the obvious [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] 3.4% death rate?
  9. If Yellowstone closes, I will question everyone’s cognitive abilities to make decisions

    if things are still that bad this summer, we won’t have international flights and that will cut out half the tourists

    The other half can practice social distancing themselves with 10 Yd increments and still not cover half the park
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  10. Lol. Says the guy who thinks the Rothschild run everything. I’ll say it again. That is some bs and bigotry if there ever was one.
  11. I would like to see much more news about test results, updated mortality rates, and details about the people who succumbed to this disease and much less talk about how this impacts the election, whose fault the "mistakes" were and vice versa. I just jogged through CNN, FoxNews and MSNBC. Really, really hard to tell if this is a health crisis or a political football by the way this is being covered. If this is a crisis on the level that everyone is claiming it is, who the hell cares who wins an election in November right now? They should know that.
  12. They control the fiat currency in pretty much every country except Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Cuba. Hmmm I wonder what all those countries have in common? Oh, they are countries that our military industrial complex always wants to invade and overthrow.

  13. Basically, there are people who have come in contact with people who have the virus. In South Korea, those people were tested, it came up positive, and they were quarantined. They did not further spread the disease even though they felt fine, because they knew they were carrying the virus. We don't have that in this country, our "feel fine" people go about their daily lives and have no clue they are infected, oftentimes days or even weeks later, infecting others along the way until they present symptoms.

    On that chart above, we are taking Italy's approach of only testing people who are showing symptoms. It is not going well for Italy, and it has made containment in this country impossible to the point where our officials have basically admitted the ship has sailed on it.
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  14. Well I’m off to buy more TP.
  15. Jesus mother scheissing Christ. Dude ELIMINATES *PRECISELY* the kind of government group that is designed to deal with crises such as the one in question. . . Short-sighted scheisss say, "Oh good, eliminate govt waste," and then when that VERY decision comes back to haunt ALL of us, when according to the doctors leading the responsible response to this, say, "Gee, it would sure be nice if that now-deleted organism were still in place," you say, "Oh, thank goodness we eliminated that "unnecessary" function." scheiss us all.
  16. This is why I think the number of cases being reported is wildly underestimated and the mortality rate being reported is wildly overestimated. It almost has to be.
  17. you’ve convinced me our species can’t survive this.
  18. Oh, I don't know maybe because that's the rate you get from The Johns Hopkins tracker website.


    5,819 confirmed deaths/156,062 confirmed cases.

    I also went on to state the low-end estimate of .75%.
  19. So you missed my point- you have been told to stay home for the next two weeks and “social distance” yourself which is a nice fancy way of saying self quarantine

    if you have it and know it from a test but are not in a high risk group - this will keep you from spreading it to other people including those that are high risk

    if you have it and don’t know it - this will keep you from giving it to other’s unknowingly

    if you don’t have it - this will keep you from getting it

    you don’t need a damn test - you need to do what you were told to do by the government and the medical community

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