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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. That's a heck of an oops.
    I can't hate on the nba for suspending for a while. Locker rooms are really hard to keep clean enough. Sweat, etc. Cuban's comments were pretty spot on. None of those guys wants to be the org that causes a spike.
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  2. So the thread announcing we are moving the thread turns into a new thread. Good job Big 12
  3. [​IMG]
  4. China already saying the peak of the "epidemic" has passed there. That country of 1,427,000,000 people lost 3,169 people and I think every one of them was not healthy and most were probably chain smokers. That's 0.0002% of the population in the country where this thing originated. In Italy, where you'd think every person there is on the verge of being in critical condition by the way this thing is being reported, has lost 827 of their 60,000,000 people for a 0.0014% casualty rate, and it has one of the oldest populations in the world.

    Take it seriously but good god, let's be reasonable about it.
  5. There's not going to be much else to talk about. Might as well turn this into a coronavirus forum since the world has been put on hold. As soon as a college basketball or baseball player tests positive those sports will shut down too.
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  6. Yep. There's nothing going on besides college baseball, which will likely be cancelled soon anyways.

    The math continually doesn't back this thing.
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  7. Wex I’ve never agreed with you this much. I might need to get tested for this virus
  8. So far 1 death for every 1,620,000 people on earth, and again, these are unhealthy people that are dying. I've never seen anything like this. There are going to millions and millions and millions of people who were otherwise doing fine negatively impacted at varying levels by the reaction to this.
  9. Exactly. And China also just happens to be the country that will benefit the most with our market crashing.
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  10. Jazz G Donovan Mitchell has tested positive.
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  11. Yea, me too. Weird.
  12. Weird how that works
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  13. scheiss, not going to any Asian massage parlors soon.
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  14. I think you two must have something much worse than the coronavirus.
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  15. You and Robert Kraft both.
  16. "I can't believe Jim Bakker would be a scumbag huckster!" - Nobody.
  17. ATP shuts down all events in men's tennis for six weeks.
  18. wish you the best ron in your battle with those [ Arschloch]s and staying healthy.

    i also will admit it wouldn't bother me if a few of fhose arbitration panel members got sick for a bit of time, not die mind you, but ill in retribution of the amount of time and energy they waste of the residents of harris county
  19. People who cite Chinese state-controlled statistics on a WHO-designated pandemic really showing their dumb in this thread. They closed factories for weeks over there! Their economy is a mess. It started there back in December. They shut down transit and isolated entire chunks of their population. Like all viruses it peaked and appears to have calmed down. But let’s not pretend China was transparent or that it was no big deal.

    I hate to get all fact-y and science-y on y’all, but China was reporting the number of positive tests for COVID-19 to the WHO. So guess what—they didn’t test people, they just treated them. That way the statistics wouldn’t look bad. They were trying to quell dissent and project a stable economic image. That’s authoritarianism for you (don’t get me started on our administration trying to classify its own response to public health crisis after disbanding their pandemic response team and making draconian cuts to the CDC).

    One reason the number of positive tests in the US is so low is because the tests are not widely available. Emergency rooms don’t have them or the requirements for testing are so high they can’t administer them until they essentially already know. And people don’t show symptoms for 7-10 days AFTER they become contagious. In the absence of clear government response, that’s why so many sports and universities are leading the response - because it’s already worse than the test results suggest. And that will become more clear over the next couple weeks.

    But hey, if you can’t handle science and facts, Alex Jones is hawking toothpaste that he says cures the coronavirus—which he also claims is a hoax. So if you can reconcile that go ahead and buy some and please self isolate for...ever.

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