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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. It can be really bad and it lasts a long time. I hope she recovers well.
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  2. Thanks. I’m good on opinions. My dad has been a surgeon for 45 years and is weighing in as well. There were just competing opinions within Presby and I can’t figure out if they don’t know what to do, want the bed space, want to protect staff by moving out patients that aren’t on oxygen, or just think she’s better off at home. Regardless, not showing the immediate improvement I was hoping the drug would give.
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  3. I am on the Board of a NY hospital you would know. Happy to transfer the file for review. Just lmk.
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  4. Sorry to hear. Good luck
  5. Jesus. You really do have money. Would you like to hire me or buy my company? We are in real estate services and specialize in distress and loan workouts and are getting ready to make a fortune.
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  6. This board is pretty incredible. Very entertaining, to say the least.
  7. I still want to know more about the Grammy winner.
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  8. Ha! Yeah, another good nugget...
  9. pretty offensive considering all the good stuff ive been spittin out.
  10. she probably helped build these in a chinese sweat shop and is running quality control to make sure everything works after it’s been shipped.
  11. i agree that dooming generations is too strong. i also hope you’re right that we’ll have a v-shaped recovery but im worried we won’t.

    i think one big factor in the economic recovery is how long will CV change consumer behavior and what will guidelines be. if we go into fall with things like large events and travel still banned, or heavily reduced, then I think we are in for a longer downturn. not because those 2 things are that important economically but they’d be a sign on how restricted people still are.
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  12. Wife made the mistake of sarcastically telling me to ask you buddies on Killerfrogs a question one day. Within 30 minutes she had more information than she could have hoped for. She wasn’t happy even though she had what she was looking for.
  13. Confirmed doctor.

    My dad would have given the same answer.
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  14. Why you capitalize board?
  15. I’m Chairman of the Bored at my hospital.
  16. not hard to do but I see what you did there....
  17. Jobless claims this week were 6.6 million. 10 million in the last two weeks. Heartbreaking.
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