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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Come on man.
  2. Now u asshoe. Go home.
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  3. It seems funnier to say it minus the "an".
  4. One other interesting thing with the flu, at least in my lab. We went from 25% positive rapid flu tests to 0 in 5 days. And we were doing 50 a day. If we did social distancing every year, there would be hardly any flu! It has a R0 of only 1.3. I thought that was pretty interesting. Showed this yesterday but thought it was a cool map:
  6. Not defending the guy, but as you started the convo to stir the pot..... How many people would die from the flu if the country was shut down like this for it?
  7. What do you mean? There’s a ton of skepticism about the social distancing measures and the data they are based on with Trump promoting them. Think about if they were the guidelines of a Democrat.
  8. Ok, let's say these shutdown and social distancing measures will save 1,000,000 lives. The economic costs we expect to incur by what we are doing are estimated at $4 trillion, and that is a very conservative number by most economic outlooks I've seen. Hell, the government has already approved a $2.3T stimulus, and that's just to get us through this first wave of job losses/business closings. That's $4,000,000 our government will spend for every single life saved. And when you figure that probably at least half of the lives we will save will be older, sick people who will probably die soon anyway from old age/bad health, that is a staggering amount of resources being thrown at this.

    The problem as I see it is you are 100% focused on "saving lives" at the expense of everything else. It's not that this virus isn't serious because it is, especially to a certain segment of the population. But a lot of other very serious things seem like they are completely being ignored.
  9. You talking during Obama's presidency, or if he were somehow able to be President after Trump? Big difference there. During Obama's presidency, I assume the vast majority of American's would've done whatever his administration suggested, as it was much more civil and rational then. If we're going with some impossible hypothetical that Obama is President again in the future and this were to happen, after this Trump presidency, you're likely right that the distrust would be more of an influence... for good reason, IMO.

    Having said that, I think most Americans are pretty reasonable and would do what's recommended anyway, like we all seem to be doing, even if some don't agree with it.
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  11. They aren't being ignored. That's the entire point. YOU continue to simply ignore the economic cost of those 1,000,000 lives. You ignore that just about every economic model shows the ECONOMIC costs of this are actually lower than they would be without these measures, that what we are doing is SAVING money.

    You keep acting like our choice is "save lives but lose the economy" vs "get the economy reopened but some people die". 100% wrong, that's not the decision we aren't faced with. We simply don't have that choice. The damage to the economy is here no matter what, this is what we are doing to mitigate the damage to the economy.
  12. dude, pick your battles. Is this really the hill worth dying on?
  13. So basically Democrats are smart and would follow the guidelines no matter which president adopted them but Republicans are mostly stupid and would only listen to Trump???
  14. There are 10k guys just as qualified running their own models and coming up with different answers- they just are not grandstanding like he is and don’t have his connections

    a couple may end up being right and most will be wrong but will explain it away with anomalies or missing assumptions or bad data

    don’t believe every guy with a white coat and more letters after his name than in it...
  15. I lost most of my interest in predictive models when Nate Silver said we had like a 90% chance of getting into the playoff in 2014 the day before we got ass scheissed.
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  16. I should probably go to bed.
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  17. What's going to happen when we stop social distancing and the 20% that don't get symptoms are also out and about?

    Are we just delaying the inevitable?
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  18. No. Stay up. We're all counting on you.
  19. How many people would die from anything if the country was shutdown like this?
  20. Further proof that there are plenty of people bloodthirsty for failure soley for political means.
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