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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. What about The Searchers and High Noon?
  2. It’s not really worthy of a headline, period. No more than “COVD-19 Cases Appear To Have Peaked in China” or “COVD-19 Death Toll in US is Zero Today ” would be. 5,000 worldwide deaths over the course of a few months is almost a completely insignificant number considering 57,000,000 people die every year. Why make it a headline like it’s some kind of big number we should all be freaked out about?
  3. yeah, switched from Brita (wife used it...I used the fridge). Brita and fridge tasted the same. Zero beats them.
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  5. I know this is going to sound stupid but I swear there are some folks that are so enthralled in the COVID news that they are taking on sympathy symptoms..The mind is crazy and it fuels paranoia. Every sniffle isn’t the virus but I think some people just can’t separate that in their minds
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  6. i don’t really get it. Who’s being nuts here, the person who thinks 5,000 worldwide deaths is headline news or the person that doesn’t. Look at the numbers, ignore the news talking heads.
  7. The more I read about this and research it the more I’m left scratching me head and wondering what the hell is going on.
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    Trust us, you have made that ABUNDANTLY CLEAR.
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  9. I’ll read y’all’s opinions on sports but I’ll be damned if I listen to a bunch of yahoos - me included - opine about this issue
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  10. Wexahu, I’ll say this. I have a ton of friends and family who are in healthcare in some role. Multiple MD’s, 2 PA’s, a nurse practitioner, 3 dentists, multiple nurses, a hospital director, and a professor of healthcare economics.

    Every single one of them that I’ve talked to about this thinks that this is a serious issue that should be taken seriously, and they don’t see the decisions being made as overreactions.
  11. Sadly, I’m one those.
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    Both are excellent movies, and probably in a lot a people’s top 5. You could also add Pale Rider, Shane, Rio Bravo, the Wild Bunch, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon...

    and Big Jake...
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  13. Just embarrassing how Washington has screwed this up. Countries a fraction of our size and wealth are testing hundreds of thousands of people. Meanwhile in this country it seems like you have to be a celebrity or a politician to get tested. No one is taking responsibility to own the moment, at least at the federal level.
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  14. Yep, too much bravado at the US Federal Level, I'm big and I'm bad, this is just the flu, get over it type of BS. This is a mutation. What happens when a virus goes thru a mutation? It gets stronger, that's why it mutates. 70 yrs. old and older and smokers at that, it's taking about 6 weeks to recover if you don't die.
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  15. So, the WHO has declared a pandemic. The US President has declared a National Emergency. The ENTIRE worldwide medical community is in agreement it’s a serious threat and people should be concerned. It’s universally recognized that the US numbers are artificially low because we STILL don’t have testing, and that there is a substantial number of new cases coming- That these things have predictable curves, and we are obviously at the beginning of ours...
    And then on the other side we have a guy, who with no training, expertise or experience relevant to the subject matter, takes the position that it isn’t even serious enough to be worthy of being covered in the news, at all apparently....

    To borrow a phrase, “Serious Question “. Do you have any inkling at all how disconnected from reality you sound right now?
  16. Read yesterday that when the Utah Jazz were tested it used up over half the testing kits in the entire state.
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  17. Hopefully they are washing/ sanitizing their chops before licking them.
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  18. Key thing is for testing to be available for people with relatively severe symptoms. "Number of Cases" is almost irrelevant IMO because it's about impossible to track, it's the amount of deaths and/or permanent damage that COVD is causing that is the important #. There is no possible way, if the virus is as easily passed on as they say it is, that only 2,500 people or so are infected in this country as the statistics show. Heck, it might be 100x that or more because it's out there and people have it and they probably just don't feel bad enough to go get tested or they figure it's another illness. So I suspect that the virus is much more widespread but also much less fatal. And if people aren't dying in unusually high numbers this is just another illness that humans deal with all the time.

    50 people have died so far in the USA which you could say is 50 too many. But every year we could probably save thousands if not tens of thousands of people from dying of influenza if we close schools and ban all gatherings of more than 100 people during flu season, but we choose not to do it, because apparently the resumption of life in America is deemed more important than the relatively few lives that could be saved. And so far 50 Americans have died from this disease.

    And to your earlier comment, there's a pretty wide range between "not covering this in the news, at all" and practically shutting down the country. So I'm not suggesting this not be covered, I'm suggesting that the way it's being covered is with a sensationalism slant that has fueled the fire and is misled. When you have perfectly healthy young people scared that they are going to die form this disease they aren't being informed of the facts.
  19. You can read it more than one way, agreed in full.

    And we pretty much know by now he's not the most cogent of speakers. But, allow me to reframe this a little.

    If you were in his shoes with his responsibilities, would you use the word 'hoax' in any conjunctive way when talking about this public health issue?


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  20. Well played.

    Now seeing some reports (anecdotal, to be fair) of people with dependents at home that are sick with flu, cancer, etc that can't find what they need at stores because all the bozos out clearing the shelves stocking up for the apocalypse. I witnessed this phenomenom yesterday at Kroger. So I guess there's that too, but this is a pandemic so its ok for people to lose their minds. Be careful and cautious but like another poster said on here, people need to stop being so dumb.

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