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You’re causing stochastic vaccine terrorism.

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think they hope the credibility comes with the title and not the accuracy of the information

my in-laws would never question a doctor because they were a doctor and the in-laws were regular common folk even when my fil was having multiple issues caused by the combination of drugs he was prescribed even though my wife, their daughther, the nurse would point this out to them

a nurse wouldn't know more than a doctor right?
Great analogy for progressive unquestioning worship of the state.


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Who would have ever considered that isolating people would reduce natural immunity and result in future issues?

Wouldn't be at all surprised if our own high levels of flu and RSV are a result of decreased natural immunity and incidental exposure.

Yeah I think you’re onto something there. The other part of the equation is that the Covid “vaccines“ damage immune systems and make people more likely to get RSV and other respiratory infections. And this isn’t just a guess, it actually shows in Pfizer’s own trial data.