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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. he misspelled pizzas.
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  2. Those rural hospitals were already in trouble before the ACA. Where you find the most closures or consolidation of rural hospitals has been in areas were the Medicaid expansion was not done. The reason that so many GOP states have recently moved to expand Medicaid under the ACA legislation is to shore up the rural hospitals financial difficulties. The ACA is not to blame for rural ER issues, funding has been a problem for some time. The political response to the ACA was self defeating for many in rural areas, but they get what they voted for against their self-interests.
  3. Serious question, and hopefully we can keep this civil. When a major news organization comes out with a main website headline being "Worldwide Death Toll Exceeds 5,000" do you think that message inherently doesn't carry some bias in how it's intended to be received? Isn't that a headline intended to be alarming to people? I don't claim to know it all by any means but with something as newsworthy as this I don't want to be a sheep either. I didn't have an agenda going into this. I'm trying to educate myself as much as possible. But when Sweat Equity makes the statement that "Italy had 250 more deaths and 2,500 more cases yesterday...crazy!" I'm not going to just say wow, yeah, that's crazy. And when you look at the overall numbers in context relative to how this thing is being reported, 250 deaths isn't really all that crazy a number. The overall numbers in China and the US are almost shockingly low when taken into context. Again, relative to how it's being reported.

    I really don't trust CNN or Fox News to give me straight news because I know they don't. And the Social Media influence on things has become huge and that's a major cesspool anyway. Based on my hunch, and this is only my hunch, I think so much of what has materialized in the past week is paranoia-driven based on things that aren't reality on the ground. I know, it's a virus and I'm probably an idiot for not understanding how viruses work, but how is China able to already be past the worst of this and only have 3,800 deaths (out of 1.6B people)? That kind of death toll doesn't even move the needle in that country and that's where this thing supposedly originated. ??

    I see people in grocery stores stocking up as if the Apocolypse is upon us. All schools shutting down. All events cancelled. Sports leagues calling it quits. Restaurants going drive-thru only. This is like a World War II level shutdown. Is there really data that supports this kind of reaction or have people lost their minds?
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  4. Not my fault. Wanted to have it. But there was a panic run on anchovies.
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  5. Nope, its the fault of Obamacare. Same thing that drove health insurance premiums up 200 percent.
    Dems hate old people.
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  6. I have seen open range
    love Duvall - he is amazing

    it loses spots for having Kosner, even though he isn’t bad in it

    the fact that he was able to ruin the Wyatt Earp story means he is not aloud to be in a top 10 western
  7. Occam's Razor could read it otherwise.

    Dude says everything is a hoax.

    Hoax hoax hoax on a hoax hoaxer.
  8. Is that true?
  9. Posting death totals from a novel virus is a factual exercise. People fear the unknown, and it takes time and effort to educate them; the average IQ is 1o0 and that's not a lot of bandwith.

    I commend you on the expression of civility, by the way.

    We're all Frogs.

    We collectively, here and across the country and across the world, will need to be prepared to show compassion and understanding for each other as we deal with this damned thing.

    And the absolute last thing we need do is exaggerate in either direction. Just stick with the facts.

    There are 7.8bn people on the planet and 5,000 of them have died from this. A lot more of them will die. Many more will get sick and survive.

    It's just news.
  10. Edit: Health care costs have been a problem for a loonnnnggggg time.
  11. Hope nothing is a hoax (and don't think it is), but if it was it could backfire in a big way for the Democrats. This thing has been trumped up, pun intended, to be a potential next Black Plague. If by summer it's not, and there's a better than decent chance of that happening, The Donald will look like a conquering hero and will have a huge political arrow to use. Will all depend on if the economy is back and doing reasonably well which is a big if if people don't start moving again within the next month or so.

    So if anyone is into the hoax thing, I guess don't completely rule out that it's the other way around. Good economy + Defeat Coronavirus = Trump landslide.
  12. Dude, I was shocked that all the margarine and butter was gone. Crap. I’ll have to go on the prowl for butter.
  13. Well, like they say in baseball, that's why the play the games.
  14. Score one for the Coronavirus.

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  15. Well, now it’s fair at least. No sports, then none of that crap either.
  16. I'm with you and we all know China is full of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]. But..........we don't know, and may never know, what's really transpiring here with Corona. it's difficult to really grasp the situation because worldwide govt. officials and the news media are not going to level with the consuming public. Hard to know what's true and isn't, but if China really does produce 97% of our prescription drugs as alleged, at least we get a wake up call out of it.
  17. Honestly thought this already happened. I’m just assuming every sporting event is cancelled. I imagine in a few weeks the pro leagues will send out trial balloons about starting back up to the press and gauge how those are received but until then, nada.
  18. There has been a hell of a lot of reporting on the number of people that have tested positive for the virus, but there’s has been very little follow up relative to the condition or recovery of those who have acquired the virus.
  19. Calling it now. The Merriam Webster word of the year for 2020 will be “Social Distance.”
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