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This to me is an incredibly telling story which, when you read between the lines, clearly tells a lot. Thank goodness we're finally hearing some debate from the "experts".



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If vaccines were causing deaths within days as you suggest, the spike would’ve been last spring/summer, not in 2022. And the increase in non-covid death is concentrated in minorities and those of lower socio-economic status, two groups with both more vaccine hesitancy and more susceptibility to worsening health outcomes due to the pandemic.

And “other Ill-defined and unknown causes” has been creeping up Alberta’s cause of death list since 2019. It topped the list last year with 3,300, but there were 1,500 in 2020 and 500 in 2019. Are the vaccines responsible for those too? Of course not…so the continuing increase in 2021 also likely reflects something other than “vaccine deaths.” And just curious, but why would a vaccine-caused death be classified as Ill-defined or unknown anyway? Wouldn’t it appear as a heart attack or allergic reaction or something? If there’s a conspiracy, wouldn’t they hide the numbers?

I can see there is no point arguing this with you, so I’ll quit here. I’m not pro-vaccine by any means, but I think there are simpler explanations for these excess deaths that you are failing to honestly and fairly consider.
What are you talking about? The death spike did happen in the last half of 2021 after the vaccine rollout. That's the whole point. You can either choose to believe the data or not. I really don't care.
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Our doctor warned us last year not to get the vaccine because it killed two of his patients

I got it anyways for my job, I think I’m still alive

I sure as hell wouldn’t want my wife or sons to get it
It's good to hear that some vaccines prevent you from getting the condition they are vaccinating you against.
Just not the Covid, flu, or pneumonia vaccines which are always recommended for seniors like myself. All three are useless but the covid vax is downright dangerous and makes you more likely to get the disease. At least the other two are relatively safe but are still useless.


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Just an updated visual reminder of the carnage that these experimental covid gene therapies - aka "vaccines" (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) - are causing:


Keep in mind that there is a massive backlog of reports to VAERS which when processed will cause the numbers to skyrocket even further. Also keep in mind that our govt. (HHS) says that the real numbers are likely 10-100X greater due to underreporting. So the real clot shot death count is likely in 300,000 to 3,000,000 range. All this carnage for non-FDA approved shots that don't work and make you more likely to catch Covid.


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