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You may have an Alien Implant and not even know it


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Looks like the most heavily vaccinated areas are having a terrible time with Omicron, at least in Germany:


Just as an anecdote, I know a number of people who have gotten Covid recently and they are all fully vaccinated and most of them are boosted.

This is without a doubt a pandemic of the vaccinated.
Just got over Covid - was fully vaxed but no boosters. No big deal, felt like any other time I’ve had an upper respiratory bug

My wife got it too but she’s okay now.

Toddler daughter tested positive but never slowed down at all. Obv we won’t be vaxing her


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All in all, it certainly made me wonder what all the fuss was about, especially after the initial wave. It honestly felt like a slightly-worse-than-normal everyday cold to me. Some of that could be that I’m in relatively good health at age 35 and exercise regularly, some of it could be genetics, some of it could be luck?

It's an overhyped cold.

It was overhyped and then used as a political weapon.

I got COVID very early in 2020... and it was nothing. I was trying to tell everyone its nothing more than a typical upper respiratory infection, but no one wanted to listen. Everyone thought it was black plague 2.0.


There is a free testing site near my place of business, I am still amazed that people go there. Unless you have one-foot in the grave why do you care that you have if it feels like a sinus infection and a scratchy throat...
I had to get tested before surgery, so that's one reason. If you work with senior citizens, if you work with at-risk populations, if you live with someone who's at risk. If you are someone who is at risk and want to ensure early treatment. If you're traveling and require a negative test. It makes sense for some people.
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Getting boosted is a great way to become unable to clear a Covid infection in 10 days and become a Covid superspeader:

Study: Boosted People Slowest to Clear COVID-19

Quad-vaxxed, double-Paxlovid-treated Dr. Fauci is a great example of this. He can't clear the virus and is still sick > 2 weeks after catching the Ro. Thankfully, us unvaccinated purebloods don't seem to have this problem. I caught Delta last fall from my vaxed/boosted superspreader girlfriend and was only mildly ill for 3-4 days while she was coughing and hacking for almost a month.