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Of course this is bunk based on bunk.

First off it is called Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome, not Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Secondly contrary to the article, there actually hasn't even been an increase in SADS deaths during the pandemic. Finally, the article doesn't even mention vaccine or Covid. Almost all cases are due to genetic/inherited abnormalities (Long QT Syndrome and catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia) and there is no association with SADS and either Covid or the covid vaccine.

wait, actualy facts and not wild assumptions matter when discussing matters of covid?


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I think the insurance companies are going to confirm that SADS is being used as cover for the huge increase in "sudden deaths" among mostly working age people that have occurred since the experimental "vaccines" were deployed last year. One large insurer in the midwest had an unheard of 40% increase in death claims after the clot shots rolled out.

They are trying to blame the massive death spike on covid but it happened in 2021 after the clot shots were available, not before. The govt. and their "fact checkers" can only cover up the truth for so long.
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Ran by TCU campus yesterday. Saw what appeared to be a mom and her daughter moving stuff either in or out of a dorm. It was about 96 degrees and very humid out, blazing sun with no clouds - miserable. Both the mom and daughter were lugging something that appeared to be very heavy, a trunk or chest of some sort that took both of their efforts and were moving very slow since it was heavy. Both of them had on masks. Imagine being so committed to masking you are unwilling to not wear one in 96 degree, very humid conditions.

I am assuming at this point these people have their masks sewn to their faces.
I was on the Trinity Trail the other day and there was a dude on his bike going way too fast, weaving in and out on a crowded part of the trail. He was wearing a sweaty KN95 mask but no helmet. Even two years into the plandemic Covidiots are everywhere.


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Swanigan died of natural causes, the Allen County Coroner’s Office told WANE 15.

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The coroner’s office senior investigator Rebecca Maze says a private doctor will be handling his death certificate.

Uh, what?