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Bless his heart.

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It never ends

Leftist Authoritarians love Masks, it gives them such a rush to be able to subjugate millions of people and force them to cover their faces

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These Covid Tyrants need to be thrown out of power


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Ran by TCU campus yesterday. Saw what appeared to be a mom and her daughter moving stuff either in or out of a dorm. It was about 96 degrees and very humid out, blazing sun with no clouds - miserable. Both the mom and daughter were lugging something that appeared to be very heavy, a trunk or chest of some sort that took both of their efforts and were moving very slow since it was heavy. Both of them had on masks. Imagine being so committed to masking you are unwilling to not wear one in 96 degree, very humid conditions.

I am assuming at this point these people have their masks sewn to their faces.



Of course this is bunk based on bunk.

First off it is called Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome, not Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Secondly contrary to the article, there actually hasn't even been an increase in SADS deaths during the pandemic. Finally, the article doesn't even mention vaccine or Covid. Almost all cases are due to genetic/inherited abnormalities (Long QT Syndrome and catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia) and there is no association with SADS and either Covid or the covid vaccine.

As for the Daily Mail story that sparked the claims on social media, “There was some mis-reporting,” Dr. Elizabeth Paratz — who was referenced in the story but wasn’t contacted for comment — told us by email.

Although both the story and the headline claimed that Australia had a “new national register” for tracking SADS, it doesn’t. That project was started in 2019 in the Australian state of Victoria.

Paratz, a cardiologist who is currently researching sudden cardiac arrest, told us that the registry began “in response to recognition that what we call ‘unascertained’ or ‘unexplained’ sudden cardiac arrest in Australia and is sometimes referred to overseas as sudden arrhythmic death syndrome … is actually the most common cause of sudden cardiac death in young people. This has been well-recognised for many years.”

In a 2020 review of similar registries, Paratz and colleagues found that there were 15 sudden cardiac death registries around the world, including the one in Victoria.

There has been no increase in SADS since the COVID-19 vaccines became widely available in 2021, Paratz said.

Furthermore, she said, “There is no signal that any vaccine, including the COVID-19 vaccines, are behind SADS cases.”

Paratz also noted that, although the Daily Mail referred to SADS as “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,” the “A” actually stands for arrhythmic, not adult.

And she cited studies about SADS going back to 2004, saying, “As you can see, unascertained sudden cardiac death / SADS has been a major public health issue recognised for decades.”

In fact, a 2007 British study looked at 56 SADS cases from the late 1990s and the first documented case of LQTS dates back to 1856 in Germany.

So, the story on which the suggestive social media posts are based is flawed, and there is no evidence of an uptick in SADS cases since the COVID-19 vaccines became available or that vaccines would cause SADS.