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PO Frog

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"As effective"

One of my favorite gifs. What show is it from?


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Went to the Stock Show today, was stunned at the lack of masks. Not many at all. You would think those who would exhibit or patronize the Stock Show would be super maskers.


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You ain’t from around here, are ya?

Clint Eastwood What GIF by GritTV

This. Even the stock show here in Denver was 99% no masks despite the mandates/warnings everywhere. Over the course of 6 hours I got so used to not wearing or seeing masks I accidentally drove back to the People's Republic of Boulder and walked into a restaurant without a mask. At the time I thought they were staring at the hat/boots but, in retrospect, I'm not so sure. How easy it was to forget I'm supposed to wear the useless muzzle everywhere!