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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Gonna be weird watching sporting events on tv without crowd noise.
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  2. Gobert said he felt fine and was ready to play tonight. Weird.
  3. I’m hoping they will just add in a laugh track.
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  4. I find it quite easy to separate politics from an illness but that’s just me.
  5. I'm actually interested in that. Just the sound of the game itself, coaches, etc. Could be a learning experience.
    It's like when you grandfather would take you across the border to meet Esmeralda and Lucinda ...
    A dollar really went far back then.

    Wait, what were we talking about?
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  6. deleted. what did it say?
  7. It's really not that weird though when you consider that a decently high percentage of people with the virus experience little to no symptoms. Apparently he had some minor symptoms earlier in the day that had subsided throughout the day. Tom Hanks and his wife said they had some chest congestion and what felt like a cold and the wife had some off and on chills and aches, but nothing bad. And reportedly they are both doing fine. That's the frustrating thing about how this is being reported. I bet most people figure Gobert is in the hospital coughing up blood just by what you read in the headlines.

    It's like they are intentionally trying to scare the crap out of everyone.
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  8. Your grandfather was different than mine.
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    I think the issue isn’t that Rudy is sick as much as it is who else he might make sick. Like I’m not real worried about myself but don’t want my 75 year old mom getting it.
  10. Right, and understood, of course that is the issue. I have elderly parents too, older than that. But a reasonable approach would seem to be for them to stay home and be cognizant about who they come in contact with and how they come into contact with them (if they are concerned with contracting the disease) instead of the whole world seemingly shutting down. Maybe everyone isn't totally overreacting but it sure seems like it.
  11. There’s definitely a common sense middle ground that we aren’t really finding on the internet. I will say that I’m coming around to the idea that “overreacting” now may well make this better in the end even though it’s gonna suck in many ways in the short term.
  12. I’m sitting in the Harris County Tax Assessor’s office right now, packed in like sardines surrounded by America’s best and brightest. Really wish I had a mask and gloves.
  13. FIFY
  14. Just start coughing. They'll all clear away from you...
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  15. 2 coworkers got back from a cruise last Monday. Another back today. Another back next Monday. Real happy with my company right now.
  16. Gee that's swell, Mister. Say, I must've missed your thoughtful, helpful, completely non-political posts on this topic in the earlier multiple threads- Can you point those out for me, so I can benefit from your cool-headed wisdom? Thanks in advance.
  17. It also identified another player testing positive, but turns out it was wrong. Guessing that’s why it was deleted.
  18. A whole bunch of people are going to get infected by this virus. And you know what? They'll probably get kind of a dry cough, have some chest congestion, and maybe a low fever for a few days, maybe a week or two at the most. I just had two bouts with the flu last month. For a couple days I didn't feel good enough to get out of bed, much less play a basketball game. But I made it through and life goes on.
  19. My grandfather was a gambler, drinker and womanizer.
    I worshiped the man.
  20. Flu does not have the same impact on the lungs that this virus does. And now studies are showing this thing stays remains viable in the air for hours. I'm condoning all the panic, but people should take this thing seriously.

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