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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. maybe we can just quit reporting for 5 weeks like China has and fix that problem....
  2. If you believe the IHME data released yesterday, Illinois looks pretty similar to Texas and Arizona- run out of ICU beds but not hospital beds. People in NY obviously have reason to be worried. Big shortages of hospital and ICU beds. Although from that data not nearly as big a need for ventilators as Cuomo has feared.
  3. Weird.
  4. Yeah..... REPORTED being the key word in his post.

    Kinda like saying something like "Boise St leads Ole Miss in reported NCAA violations".
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  5. well what we should really do is only focus on dealing with it in NYC and ignore the rest of the country and then pick a date - like tomorrow - and quit reporting numbers in NYC also...

    That is basically what China did with Wuhan
  6. If you look at the IHME data from yesterday, it's gonna get tough but kinda reassuring at the same time. It will be a very tough 3 weeks for some hospitals in areas that probably already had the virus circulating in late Feb (NY, NJ, New Orleans, Atlanta), but other areas seemed to have enacted the public health intervention in time to prevent a major overrun of the system. Lack of ICU beds at the peak could be the biggest issue in the population centers of a lot of the other states. Hospitals in those areas are obviously trying to mitigate that need right now. If NY doesn't need all the ventilators they thought, might benefit some of the other areas if we already have them on hand.
  7. The subsequent clarification cracked me up...


  8. Yikes Kirk. Does he really think that humanity is just gonna shut down until we have a vaccine?
  9. Anyone else think of random [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] affected by all this?

    Like, they need to open barbershops before other businesses or everyone going to be shaggy as hell going back to work. I saw something earlier about a spike in Google searches for how to cut your own hair.

    Also, I bet there is a ton more residential trash that garbage men have to pickup now. I wonder if the drop in business trash is equivalent to the increase in residential trash?

    The effect on the internet is pretty fascinating to me also.

  10. Yup I blame Trump
  11. There was a post on /r/CFB about this on Reddit which was locked and all the wrong think comments were removed by the moderators. I've always said that subreddit is the worst moderated sub on all of reddit, which is saying a lot.

    Basically if you weren't cheering on the notion there will be no college football in 2020 you're comment got removed.

    Crazy how the mods of a college football sub were removing comments of anyone who was not thrilled with the concept of cancelling the college football season.
  12. oh no. if cfb doesn’t happen what will i lose my money on in the fall?

    there’s nothing like betting on a random 11pm west coast game to try to break even for the day.
  13. That was February 2. Who cares?
  14. Panic! Panic!

    I truly hope that enough people begin to venture outside, and notice that it's a lovely Spring, and begin to live their lives again without this constant drumbeat of doom, gloom and death. Enough is enough.

    We have about another week before it becomes obvious to even the most willfully blind that the lockdowns and shelter orders have outlived their usefulness, if they even had any to begin with. Things will begin to return to normal. MLB will begin. Belated Spring Football camps will begin.

    Hope Springs eternal!
  15. Oh, and I cured some bacon this morning! Not sure what it was sick with, but it's cured, damnit!
  16. I knew losing my hair and being able to just buzz it in 2 minutes with some clippers would eventually pay off!!!

    I saw a meme a couple days ago about women being a few weeks away from finding out what everyone's natural hair color was.
  17. I was worried about that at one point, but I don't think it will happen. I think we will have to get our temps before going to a game and get a sticker, and I suspect we'll get used to having to staying home and go in for a test with minor symptoms. But I think the show will go on at some point this summer.

    That said, if there is an outbreak in an area, not sure what will happen. Will that team not play at home for a few weeks? And if a few players turn positive what happens?
  18. The problem with Kirk's thought process is the "oh crap what if a player gets the virus, that's on the school for trying to play games" like of thinking. We are 110% scheissed as a planet if we're waiting for some sort of total removal of this virus from society.
  19. A bunch of TCU players got swine flu in August 2009 right after the school year started. Where was the doom and gloom and panic then?

    It's a good thing we had a Week 1 bye that year.
  20. One of the impacts we're learning about relates to medical clinics. Some are seeing growing number of "no show" employees including nurses and MA's. Some are frantically busy. Some have virtually nobody coming in for care. Some practitioners have moved entire patient load to telemedicine. Some have laid off CNPs and PAs. Some have told us that they don't plan on sustaining much longer than this pandemic (so far those have been among the few remaining independents but some in some generally under-served counties). A couple of very high volume doctors have told me that they have decided to move up retirements. I would be interested in learning what's happening in physician-owned surgical centers. It's been over 10 years since I did any meaningful work in those settings.
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