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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. I know a family of three who all had it and are on the mends. Two were home quarantined and one admitted and treated for 5 days then discharged.
  2. Yeah wife’s cousins but since she is healthy Colorado isn’t testing her unless she get admitted to the hospital. Doctor told her they are about as certain as they can get without doing the test.
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  3. Yes. Several.

    EDIT: But my company's US headquarters is in NJ and my former company's headquarters is in NYC. I know one person who is listed among the confirmed virus deaths.
  4. From a hospital perspective, the most important number is the number of ICU beds needed. It’s another study (with limitations), but this is one from yesterday that just looks at number of hospital beds needed, ICU beds, ventilators and deaths, as well as peak day.

    If a model with assumptions, but if you are a hospital administrator or doctor, you need something to plan the next few weeks with. There is a drop down menu with each state projections. Bottom line- this model thinks mid-April will be the peak. Some states not in too bad of shape. But you can see why others are trying to rapidly expand services and equipment right now. This study assumes current public health measures are kept in place in each state.
  5. When can we begin our return to normal? When there are zero new cases? When it gets under a certain level? What's our baseline?
  6. Wife’s aunt and uncle. Went out and partied hard at a local bar the day after lockdowns started happening... even posted on social media about how much fun they were having and how the whole thing was overblown... now both have it, tested and all. In Colorado.
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  7. I would love to have a job right now. All my work through May evaporated in about 24 hours but it relies on people gathering. I assume the same might be for others here.
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  8. I was just curious. I work with alot of people who travel weekly and I do some work travel too but I don't know anyone with it. Would have figured someone I knew would get it from being in and out of hotels and airports.
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  9. As soon as every business is shuttered and every person is broke. Then we can get on with being battery cells for the robots.
  10. I think Fauci is right- the virus will tell us. When we see the peak we will start to be able to talk a specific timeline. Until then we are guessing. Is social distancing working better than expected? Other big question is if the virus shows any seasonality at all.
  11. "Getting it" and being tested and confirmed for it are two very different things obviously. I'll have a company report later today (at 12n) that will probably expand the number of people I know personally that have tested positive for it. Hoping it doesn't expand the number of those who have passed that I know (which stands at 1).
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  12. I was at MSG three weeks ago for the Knicks game. They played Utah. Based on what’s happened since, I’m either lucky or my white blood cells are like Spartans. Probably the latter.
  13. I think Fauci is wrong. I think the people are increasingly going to decide when they want to start getting back to trying to establish some sense of normalcy. People will have some additional patience but it won't last long.
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  14. Eventually people are going to have to stop getting alarmed at every new “case” that is confirmed or this thing will last way too long.
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  15. im assuming that you don’t want the government to tell you how to live and that you cherish freedom. it’s interesting that you then turn around and feel like you can dictate how people live and what they should think. people can have whatever response they want - it’s not up to you.

    some people will stop being alarmed, which will be great. other people live or care for people that are old or immunocompromised. for this group of people CV will be scary for a very long time.
  16. This is a stupid response. So I guess you don't give a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] about the 3M+ who have lost their jobs and the small business and restaurant operators who aren't going to make it through this?

    I'm not dictating how anyone lives. The government agencies are with all the mandatory shutdowns. I'm ok with another week or two but it has to end soon or like your buddy Trump says, the cure will be worse than the virus. At some point people will have to stop treating every new case as if the plague is coming.
  17. i shouldn’t be but I’m surprised they are able to put this data together. also - there is background music which im sure some of you will use to identify political leanings even though the video isn’t about politics.

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  18. I think at least seeing the peak is a minimum. No governor is going to relax public health measures until we are sure we are past the worst of it. Hopefully we really were good at social distancing and the next few days we hit the peak. I think mid April is more likely. Either way, I doubt there will be any changes in public health measures (other than more strict in hard hit areas, perhaps) until we are sure we've hit that peak and are past it.
  19. Like I said earlier I was in a dozen airports and about the same number of hotels plus a Las Vegas trip in January and February and I’m as positive as you can be short of getting tested that I had it. This was the last week of February or first week of March. The cough lasted about 14 days.

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