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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. They have tested more than that. Way more.
  2. This is now a college baseball thread.
  3. Nice gesture, but jersey material is not appropriate or effective as a mask or as a gown.
  4. this is great. when it says the loudest vote prevails does it mean the actual loudest side? like they measure the decibels?

    they need to get that annoying go frogs mic guy to lead the chant. alright this side give me a yay, this side give me a nay. yay, nay, yay, nay.
  5. You’re clearly a bored troll.
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  6. Cuomo is Governor of the State of New York. It is his responsibility to see that hospitals in his State, and it's largest city, are fully prepared for such eventualities. It's this thing called Federalism. The Federal Government may aid New York, as they currently are, but the onus is on the States to prepare and provide for their own.

    That previous mis-Administration has a great deal to answer for. Quite a few of them ought to be in prison. I seem to remember something about masks...

    Trump is doing a magnificent job, in spite of the incessant attacks from rats in Congress and a burrowed-full-of-rats bureaucracy that has been resisting him at every turn.

    Again, I thank God that Donald J. Trump is President of the United States now, and for the next four years as well.
  7. you seriously don't understand those numbers?
  8. Finally caught up after 2 days. You non-essens have way too much time on your hands.
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  9. based upon your logic, why not close hospitals to those infected with coved-19?

    that way we weed out those too weak to fight the disease and we save valuable medical resources for the truly essential needs.

    in fact, i like that idea so much I will put it into action by blocking the nonessential
  10. You're welcome.
  11. thanks boomer.
  12. i uh.....uh.....im at a loss with this one.

    ill go with this, i guess: nice argument?
  13. Yeah I think their numbers stand out as fishy. No way they have a 82% positive rate. Even NY is around 30% positive. I suspect they are underreporting their total number tested.
  14. or they originally were withholding the tests for those who presented in an er with the symptoms instead of testing whomever came in and requested a test
  15. Honestly, was hedging bets on calling him/she/it a guy...these days I just give up half the time.
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  16. That would explain it too, but even if they only tested the sickest it would be impressive to get that high. No other state is even close to that number. I’m guessing a reporting issue.
  17. Did he end up pitching or playing center in the pros?
  18. non-essens is asshoe
  19. A few months ago we were going through the drive thru at McDonald's and as I'm handing the person my card my 4 YO asks very loudly "daddy, why she have a beard?!" And I can't tell you how many times he has asked "is that a boy or a girl?"
  20. Not that it matters for anything, but does anyone actually know someone who has or had the Coronavirus? Not think they did because they were sick earlier in the year, but an actual confirmed case?

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