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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Pretty sure she would have had us all offed long before China Flu could kill us.
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  2. Weird.
  3. this isn’t going to be well received. too much reasonableness and truth - isn’t well received these days.
  4. and we’d be living with JC or virgins, so my statement was correct that we’d be better off.
  5. also we still have a few days until april so maybe trump was correct and it will magically disappear.
  6. We're #1 now.

    Good news- NYC had a big drop in cases and deaths. Bad news. Everywhere else had record days. Not seeing a slow down as a whole. Hopefully we are just finding more cases because we are looking more. Texas up to 1588 today, increase of 433. NY went past 1600 only 8 days ago on March 18th, following a similar slope. Again hope is the social distancing effect kicks in soon and it levels off.
  7. So, 8,000 cases a week ago and 80,000 this week is no big deal ... I must be the most negative/clueless person on the planet ! thanks for straightening me out ...
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  8. It's hilarious how the naysayers, who were bitching about us not testing people a matter of days ago, now just ignore the fact that we've tested more than any country in the world so our number of cases have gone up.

    Just looking for something else to [ hundin] about when one narrative goes away, instead of being happy about the progres.
  9. EAD clown.
  10. I don't think the fact is being ignored. I think it reinforces the fact that this is highly contagious and not "will soon go from 15 to close to zero."
  11. Did anyone say it wasn't a big deal or were they just pointing out some positives. Every one of us stuck in our houses with no where to go eat and drink and no sports to watch realizes it's a big deal. Everyone whose health or livelihood has been effected realizes it's a big deal. Most people realize there is something in between nothing and the end of the world.
  12. im happy with the progress. i hope we kick this thing in the nuts ASAP.

    we should have been here a month ago, at the very least. people on this thread love to
    complain about shutting down the country. we had to shut down the entire country because we had no line of sight and data on where CV was. our lack of testing made us totally blind in the initial response and we had to be heavy handed. we had no other choice.

    it’s mind numbing to me to see how people are unhappy with the government shutdowns but yet think trump has handled this perfectly. his early denials and failures is why we had to have such a strong response. but I’m sure there’s a lib to blame somewhere.

    i hope we never go through this again.
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    It’s only a big deal if you think we only have 80k cases

    since most doctors involved assume we have 2-3x that additional that don’t feel bad enough to test and some think it might be 10x that

    I just don’t get where anyone would seriously stress out over comparing a number like that day to day or country to country when there is no “control” to base it against

    no two countries test the same, use the same criteria and no one has tested more than 1/2% of their population
  14. What was your stance on Obama and Swine Flu?
  15. It is also reinforcing the fact that it is not nearly as deadly as was first presented - which is a good thing

    best thing that could happen is we find a way to determine that about 5 million people have it or had it already to be honest
  16. WB-LR
  17. honestly - i was too young when it happened that i didn’t really pay attention. I’m sure he made mistakes.

    is O’s handling of swine flu meaningful to T’s response of CV?
  18. Me too probably but hate his bandana.
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  19. naw

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