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COVID-19 Threads

You said "noone" wants the pandemic to end. That's just not true. There are absolutely without question some people out there who want all this new way of living stuff so to speak to continue. Pull your head out of the sand. Get out of the lab every now and then.
Yeah, I honestly don’t believe there is anyone who doesn’t want the pandemic to end. I do agree that some have profited but that doesn’t mean they don’t want the pandemic to end.
#1 Their liberal constituents love the mandates and restrictions

#2 It is absolutely a power trip

#3 They are in no danger of getting voted out
Nobody loves the mandates and restrictions. They just think it is the right thing to do to save lives. There is a difference, no? Politicians are doing what they think is their duty to save lives, even though in some cases they likely will be voted out because of it. There almost certainly will be a big anti- Covid restrictions wave next election cycle. It’s a losing issue IMO.


It is considered poor form to wear scrubs outside the hospital.

Everyone knows how Scrubs should dress outside the Hospital