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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Like Kurosawa, I make mad films. Ok, I don’t make films. But if I did, they’d have a samurai.
  2. Banning gatherings of 250 people (or 100 people, or whatever) is smart. Cancelling large gatherings is smart. Saying "oh I guess we should just shut everything down!" is slippery slope nonsense.

    Yes, ultimately people still need to eat food and go outside, but we are trying to take moderate steps to slow the rate of transmission, not shut society down. Just because we can't do everything doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything.
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  3. i posted on one of these threads a link to an article from paris about the thousands of supporters for the paris soccer club psg that gathered in the streets arm in arm before the clubs champion league match and after to celebrate the win.

    todd i understand the need to do something, fully understand the concept of "flattening the curve" and think this article is one of the best illustrating the concept


    one small problem is such models and concepts are created by individuals far removed from the actual contact with real people and not academics or other theoretical researchers.

    example, my wife is a floor nurse at a hospital north of houston and she texted me that their er is swamped yet again why?

    people who are coming for covid 19 tests because they don't want to die. worst part is we are in se texas in the spring which means the start of allergy season and for many that presents as runny nose, sneezing and coughing, low grade fever, and body aches? sound similar?

    so the plan is to "flatten the curve" so that the health care system won't get overwhelmed and yet because you have bombarded people with a message of how deadly the virus is when the death toll just hasn't been catastrophic outside of the initial outbreak, italy, and one retirement home in seattle,

    i am not saying todd, froggo, or anyone else this isn't a serious matter but we need to think about what we are doing the the potential consequences of our actions because in some ways we are starting to create the very problem we are supposedly trying to avoid.

    found this article very interesting on the covid 19 death rate.

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  4. Big headline today that worldwide deaths now exceed 5,000. I won’t elaborate.
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  5. but the implied message is doing exactly what you are saying and this is why i compared this to chemotherapy.

    we are going to make the patient sick (i.e. the us and world wide economy) and no one is saying we should do nothing, but we also need to be acutely aware of what we are doing and the side effects.

    the bottom line is their are no moderate steps because the perception attached to what is happening and the messages filled with all the "ifs", "possiblly" and phrases such as "we want to avoid" are not received as moderate thoughts.

    to once again quote agent k:

    "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow."
  6. I thought of Lonesome Dove, but having to pare a list down to 5, I didn’t want to give up space to a mini-series. Just like I wouldn't put Band of Brothers in my top 5 WWII movies. It’s the best thing ever produced, imo, but it’s not a movie.
  7. There were more than 250 people at Costco this morning.
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  8. Just curious...is “Wexahu” a Chinese name?
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  9. Talk about a double whammy...

    1st, no sports and now, Keller ISD (and all the other Tarrant County ISD) have announced today that they will be closed until at least March 27th. At that time they will assess the current situation and determine next steps.

    I already need a vacation from my kids vacation...

    Fortunately, the debate here looks like it will be ongoing for at least that long.
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  10. would you include lonesome dove as a movie?

    seem to recall it was 5-6 hours long
  11. Lonesome Dove is great, but too long for a movie. The book was better.

    How's that?:D
  12. It’s “technically” a mini-series, but for the point of debates like this, it’s really just a six hour movie, IMO.
  13. then it would make my list, no doubt.
  14. i actually would love to see how the original would have been developed in a netflix, amazon creative environment

    i think we have the potential for some truly great stories to be told through these vehicles
  15. TV Miniseries. Simon Wincer directed, and did a fine job with McMurtry's book, even with the ridiculous strictures imposed by TV. Casting was magnificent, and Robert Duvall was so good in that role that upon re-reading it years later, there he was as Gus.
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  16. Wexahuvirus!
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  17. The top 5 westerns of all time have either John Wayne or Clint Eastwood in them

    Everything else starts the battle at 6
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  18. Symptoms include arguing any point you disagree with into submission. Leads to massive headaches and ultimately death. 100% fatality rate. Be careful.
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Tombstone?

    Val Kilmer has been in a lot of movies and this role might have been his best.
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