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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Is he planning to send the state's remaining elderly into vaccinated businesses to kill them off once and for all?
  2. What percentage of the Chinese military has been vaccinated? That should tell us all we need to know.

  3. On the way to the Gallery to buy more Hunter Biden originals

  4. own a busness? how about actually holding jobs in some cases.

    obama worked a bit as community organizer and attorney and michelle worked a bit, but not nearly enough to have that type of wealth

    clinton's are the same, but the king of this to me is rick perry who served in the air force for three years, worked in the family farming operation, and then started a life long career in politics
  5. That might have been a bit more than Biden ever did in the private sector.
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  7. think biden did 2-3 years as a public defender so in terms of actual time yes,

    my issue with perry is mr small government basically used the government of texas to enrich he and his aggie classmates

    biden has never hidden his goal was to say and do what was needed to get elected and stay in office
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  8. Turn over more of the country’s resources, treasure, and labor to China?
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  9. I never liked Rick Perry. Back to more current relevance:

  10. Excellent thread
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  11. Anybody else catch the Kabuki theater at the Olympic golf medal ceremony?

    After playing golf for four days on an outdoor course without masks, the three medal winners, who were socially distanced from each other on the podium, had to put on masks during the ceremony that took place on the 18th green. And then, after the national anthem, they were asked to take off their masks for a moment while the photographers (all more than 30 feet away) could take some pictures. They then put their masks back on while they walked back to the clubhouse after the ceremony.

    Only two other people were within 30 feet of the medal winners, and the rest (maybe a few dozen) were all more than 50 feet away.
  12. And then they hopped on the same private plane to fly unmasked to America?
  13. You know what would be better messaging at this point? Telling people if you have a cough or are prone to massive sneeze outbreaks (even if only due to seasonal allergies) either stay home, utilize curbside pickup, or wear a mask. Otherwise, everyone else sneeze into your arm pit, wash your hands after handling things in a public space, don't touch your nose (no picking) and eyes until after a good hand washing, and live your freaking lives.
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  14. my wife was on a conference call today at the house and i listened while eating my lunch

    they are seeing an increase in cases, roughly 3/4 are unvaccinated, hospital protocols remaining the same

    here is the interesting part, they are going to pay a bonus to rn'sa nd pca's who stay through december

    number of reasons why this is interesting. first, they won the lawsuit about requiring their staff to be vaccinated, but might have lost the war as they aren't hiring fast enough to fill positioins

    there is concern about the stress on current staff if we see prolonged increases in patient loads

    finally, my wife is starting to get bombarded by services looking for travel nurses. she got one the other day for a position in springfiield, mo that was going to pay with stipen $2,500 a week, 4 shifts a week, 12- week assignment minimum
  15. I was in a remote office for our company last week. There were hardly any workers in the office, but one who was in the office was coughing and sounded really sick. If I supervised her, I would have told her to go home in the days before COVID.

    So we apparently still haven't learned "stay home when sick" and I constantly see examples of people not washing their hands before eating.

    COVID is never going to end, because even if everyone in our country was vaccinated, we'll still have people traveling, and vaccinated people still spread it, and we insist on testing....
  16. I watched Olympics coverage for the first time last night... I kept shaking my head at the mask [ #2020 ].
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