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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. With all the ridiculous mask wearing, reality is starting to resemble a Star Wars movie

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  4. Isn't he the guy who's in charge... of that outfit over there?
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  5. Not sure why anyone would want to visit DC right now. Or any time for that matter.

  6. Brainwashing is a real thing.
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    For the weak minded, which surely includes several leftists on this board.
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  8. The ABC poll on Biden approval shows why team Biden and the media are working overtime to keep COVID (and the fear mongering that comes with it) alive.

    Biden is underwater on every issue except COVID where he still gets positive approval on.

    Biden ran a single issue campaign - COVID. COVID is bad because Trump doesn't care, elect me and I will care, defeat COVID and we will go back to normal. I know multiple "life long conservative Republicans" who voted Biden on COVID alone.

    Here we are 6 months into his term and things are going the wrong direction in terms of COVID. However I believe this is what Team Biden wants. They could have easily ratcheted down the fear mongering, changed how things are measured and declared mission accomplished and received the political boost that came with that... but they haven't. Why? Because it would take the one issue Biden is above water in off the table.

    Biden is underwater on the economy, immigration, foreign policy, you name it. COVID is single handedly keeping his approval rating high. The administration can't afford for their one positive issue to go away, therefore they need to keep it front and center and keep it a voting issue.

    Voting issues matter - which is why pollsters ask what is your top issue? Because that's what drives voters to the polls. If COVID falls away in terms of voter priority, then it means people will be voting on issues that Biden is under water in. You can be under water on 9 of 10 issues, but if you are above water on the issue that is driving voters to the polls, you will be in better shape than being above water on 9 of 10 issues but underwater on the top issue.

    This is why I think COVID isn't going anywhere as the democrats need the issue for the mid terms, betting that voters will still trust democrats on COVID over Republicans. Hence the constant demonization of those who haven't been vaccinated.
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  10. I love the face shield.

    I went to jury duty and they made us wear masks and face shield. By the end of the day everyone’s shield was fogging up and no amount of wiping would help. everyone was walking around like OUs band leader with their head thrown back so they could try to look out of the bottom of their face shield. just a great show.
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  12. Cant possibly be real.
  13. Oh look, a lifelong politician getting out ahead and taking credit for something that’s gonna happen naturally.
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  14. And, I just got word that my employer is requiring masks again, effective immediately. So lame.
  15. In Texas?
  16. Yep. But mandated from out of state corporate

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