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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

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  3. Didn't realize Covid still spreading in Brazil- record number of cases today and still 2K deaths a day.


    They arguably had the worst response of any country, but the low vaccination rate to date probably the biggest factor in the fact they are still a ways from getting back to normal. They are up to 30% with at least one dose so maybe they will hit a peak soon. Also have to wonder if seasonality in play at all.
  4. i have been assured by the media, the late night talking heads, and some on this board that unequivocally with trump as president the us had far and away the worst response of any country and merited no further discussion
  5. The comments. Dead.

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  6. Yeah I think Bolsonaro gets the prize. He did make some of the same mistakes Trump did- minimizing the virus (calling it the "little flu"), giving mixed messages on social distancing and lockdowns, emphasizing Hydroxychloriquine. But Trump did embrace the vaccines and facilitate their production which was huge, and something Brazil failed at.
  7. Trump's biggest scheiss up was not putting a muzzle on Fauci in January 2020, or not putting him out to pasture where he belongs.

    You do realize the CDC has no credibility anymore with a HUGE segment of the population, don't you? I'm not sure the WHO ever had any to begin with, but theirs is gone too. Whose fault is that?
  8. Not surprisingly, my opinion is that Fauci did a deft job of helping Trump avoid his worst impulses, especially early on. I suspect a Trump unfiltered response would have looked more like Bolsonaro's. Just my opinion of course.

    CDC will be fine. They made some mistakes for sure, and some of the against them criticism is well founded, including much of that espoused in this thread. I think a look back on how they could have improved would start with not squelching minority views and being more open to conveying uncertainty to the public when present. Same is true of Fauci. I think the WHO has more issues and might have a tougher time bouncing back.
  9. you also said that fauci did nothing wrong with directing funds to the lab in wuhan even though he was given orders not to fund any such research and proceeded to direct funds through a third party to avoid detection

    not sure what world you work in sink, but when you are given driect orders to not do something and not only go ahead and disregard those orders but take steps to avoid detection at the least it is a fireable offense and what is really ironic is congress has spent how much time and money investigating the "coup in washington" and yet fauci still stays in office and hailed as a hero to many when it is quite clear he has a rule in disobeying a directive, hiding the truth, lying under oath, diverting attention off the role of the wuhan lab, and you say he helped trump.

    you have to be trolling, just have to be
  10. Hmmm. I realize that narrative is accepted as fact in some "worlds", but to me seems there are a lot of assumptions and dot connecting to that story.

    Why does an alternate view have to be "trolling". Why can't it just be a different view we disagree on?
  11. Except he won't throw out the preserver because there was no double blind study showing that a device that floats peoples heads above water would keep the head above water.
  12. Post "we make up this [ #2020 ] as we go" without actually posting "we make up this [ #2020 ] as we go".
  13. Your tolerance for the CDCs and WHOs mistakes does not match Democrats intolerance for ANYTHING Trump did. It's emblematic of the polarization and hypocrisy going on in our country. The CDC and WHO have zero room for error given what is/was at stake. They are the divine experts in their field. Yet they skate by with almost zero accountability for those mistakes by the people in power. They were essentially the ones with the COVID nuclear codes, and they kept hitting the launch button without cause.

    On the contrary, ANY Trump (or Republican) mistake is grounds for impeachment and/or removal from office. For crying out loud, mean tweets sent Democrats into a frenzy, but major clusterfarks by the WHO and CDC merit almost no scrutiny by the media and people in power in this country.

    It's disgusting.
  14. Although some good points, I think your speak too much in absolutes here. There is a fair amount of deserved scrutiny on the CDC and WHO out there, FWIW. I suspect there will be more and more. They made plenty of mistakes, and you will see those embraced more and more as we emerge from the pandemic and prepare for the next pandemic on what to do differently. The CDC when it does it's analysis will definitely air its dirty laundry. The testing quagmire at the beginning, the mask guidance fiasco early and late, the if, when, and where of the lockdown recommendations will all be closely looked at. I think the toughest thing even in retrospect will be how to deal with uncertainty in the midst of a rapidly evolving scientific situation. Do you present the uncertainty in a way that maybe doesn't allow for clear guidance? Or do you present the guidance in an air of more certainty than there is, like they did throughout the pandemic.

    In that regard, one of my big criticisms of Trump was the mixed messages he gave during the pandemic. That opinion was rooted in the idea that one of the most important roles of a leader in an emergency situation is to give consistent and clear messages and instructions. But to be fair to Trump though, because of the scientific uncertainty, this was a tough emergency to be consistent. He did come through with the most important aspect of the response- the vaccine production. In that regard, I do wish he would come out and encourage it more now to some of the vaccine stragglers out there though.

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