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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. This is a good place to take a break from brains
  2. House Dems hate science, apparently:


  3. Lol, sometimes it’s worth it to click read ignored content to read hilarious nonsense


    I guess my wife deserved to get shot in her own backyard as well. Back the Blue brah

    KMA Todd, I hope a cop kicks your teeth in someday
  4. why wouldn't congress follow the cdc guidelines for wearing masks indoors?
  5. without equivocation..


    Since March 2020 all we have heard is “follow the science” and “science is real” and “do what the cdc says” and “believe the experts you science denier!!!” now that the CDC has said masks aren’t needed, these same loons who wouldn’t let it go now refuse to “follow the science” and “do what the cdc says” or “believe the experts.”
  6. Would it make a difference if the person you were harassing was immunocompromised or lived with someone immunocompromised?
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    Gotta think the vast majority of people still wearing their masks in places they don't have to are already vaccinated so to answer your question, not really.
  8. A)
    There’s no way for me to know that when we are talking perfect strangers

    They are more than welcome to stay home and/or wear as many masks as they want to.

    I don’t appreciate their insistence upon demanding so much from others when a personal choice they make could achieve the same result.
  9. I really don't understand why this is so hard. If you have had the vaccine, which was pushed so hard by healthcare officials and the government, you shouldn't have to wear a mask anymore, indoors or out. If you don't want to take the vaccine and are willing to risk getting the virus, then you should be able to do so without criticism. If you're immunocompromised, you should probably get the "extremely effective" vaccine and go on about your life.

    If you've developed a fear that this virus is exceedingly dangerous and that it's not safe for people to interact in what used to be normal ways, then you should take whatever precautions you feel are necessary to protect YOURSELF and others you feel may have an elevated risk of infection. Expecting other people to give up their own freedoms and liberties in deference to your fears so you can go out and sit at the Starbucks and judge people is not how this little American experiment works.
  10. For the record,
    It’s only hard because the politicians and media have made absolutely everything political. The more they keep us arguing with each other the less attention we pay to how much they steal from us.
  11. The liberals have convinced themselves that they are basically the equivalent of the allied forces at Normandy and that the evil conservatives are the Nazis trying to commit mass genocide. They cannot give up their lazy heroism.
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  13. I think things are much better than they were in the pre-Sumption days.

    Now, I know that there are many who consider themselves con-Sumption and even some who call him Ass-Sumption, but I like him. I regret that I didn't meet missus-Sumption.
  14. This right here.
  15. A. Is kinda my point. If someone is being extra careful because they are immunocompromised or living with someone immuncompromised, I don't think any of us would harass them or give them a hard time for being extra careful.
  16. The question raised was whether it was OK to harass or make fun of someone for wearing a mask or being extra careful in public. I say no, since we don't know their immune status or the immune status of the people we are living with.
  17. I don't harass them or give them a hard time, I just instinctively think they are weird. And Democrats.
  18. For the last year, many on the left would openly harass people not wearing a mask, without knowing if they had a legit reason not to wear one.
  19. BTW, Organ transplant patients don't make a robust immune response to the vaccine, so they are encouraged to assume they are unvaccinated:


    Other patients. particularly those with treatments that affect B cells seem to have muted antibody response:

  20. I think that is fine. You might be wrong, but no harm no foul.

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