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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Look at the reviews for Bucees in Madisonville. All the 1 star reviews are people whining about no masks or social distancing.
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  3. He’s saying that over 1,100 new cases in a state of 30+ million
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  4. Indoors with a 96 year old? Huddle up!
    Outdoors by yourself? Mask up!

    Our supreme leader's benevolence is only outshone by his knowledge of science! His superior understanding and morality is beyond our ability to process!
  5. Mike Judge is truly Nostradamus reincarnated. science.
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  6. Way to mask hard Tarrant!!! First day under 100 cases in probably 13 months.


    "Yeah, but #waittwoweeks" - Libs, probably.
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    COVID hospitalization numbers remain disturbingly good in Central Texas. Disturbing to democrats, that is.
  8. Wait two weeks!!

  9. When are the Texas COVID numbers going to increase?

  10. who is the prof i believe from university of minnesota who went out when abbott mentioned texas was nearing herd immunity because texas wasn't close to half vaccinated, but he never mentioned how many texans might have already been exposed and now carrying antibodies
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  11. Real rocket scientist put that document together
  12. that had to be the work of a committee, way way too much thought put into those guidelines
  13. Can somebody just get this ridiculous arsehole off the news?

  14. Since Melinda hit the transfer portal, do we have to respect her decision?
  15. it must burn y’all up that all this progress on corona and the vaccine has come under Biden’s leadership. what does it say about trumps ineptitude that a guy with dementia has handled things 10x better?

    plus he hasn’t once advocated for citizens to drink bleach.

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