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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. These are resilient kids and teachers and schools who will figure out creative ways to catch up. I think you will be surprised and proud of them.
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    I'll punch Briles into Fauci, with both of them standing on the edge of a very tall cliff.

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  3. catch up?

    you are aware of the number of kids who have just completely dropped off the educational grid so to speak since last spring?
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  4. Yes and are you aware they are being looked for and found?
  5. you and i are talking to different teachers / administrators it would seem
  6. I'd punch Toby twice...
  7. Yeah, by Keith Morrison of Dateline.
  8. If they're so resilient and resourceful, you'd think that they would have been in school all along.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Did he remember his Depends?
  11. LMAO...so great
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  12. About a year ago, when things were just starting to close down throughout the country, I was privileged to have dinner with a very famous musician who's sold millions of records and whose name you all would recognize. But I won't name him here because our dinner was private and I wouldn't want him to become yet another victim of cancel culture. Anyway, he told me at the time that the draconian measures being enacted to "fight the virus" were intended to: 1) tank the economy; 2) panic the public; and thereby 3) make Trump look bad so he wouldn't get re-elected.

    At first I thought he was overstating his case but it didn't take me long to realize that he was right.

    You can talk about "science" all you want, Mr. Sink (Dr. Fauci), but in a system like ours, it always comes down to politics. And doctors and scientists are no more immune from political motivations and influences than anyone else in our society. If nothing else, this pandemic has at least exposed their purported objectivity as an absolute farce. And that became quite apparent when they condemned people for attending Trump rallies or biker festivals but gave a pass to BLM/Antifa protesters mobbing the streets in the wake of George Floyd's death.
  13. I’ll start the guessing.

    Justin Bieber?
  14. Just so we all have this straight...

    When Republicans in Georgia pass a law that allegedly puts black citizens at a disadvantage, it's racist. No questions asked. The entire media world goes into a frenzy about it. Corporate America gets involved. And Hollywood speaks out.

    When Democrats in Pittsburgh (and many other inner cities across the country) invoke measures that actually do put black citizens at a disadvantage, it has nothing to do with race. Nothing to see here. No coverage.

    And you don't see the double standard? Because we do.
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  15. For some reason that he was the first one you thought of doesn't surprise me in the least.
  16. I don’t see a double standard although o do think you are right about the Georgia law being unfairly characterized. I don’t think the problem with the Georgia law is that it is racist, FWIW. I think it is unnecessary since it is a bureaucratic solution looking for a problem. I disagree with those characterizing it as racist.

    I think school boards across the country made decisions in a tough situation they thought were best based on the information they had at their hands. Did some open too slow? For sure. But I don’t think those decisions were politically motivated. I think they were safety motivated. And because of resources, some options available to some districts may not have been there for others. I do think school boards from blue cities and states were more likely to keep schools closed since they were more likely to adhere to CDC standards. But that is an association with political leaning not that political motivation was the cause IMO.
  17. If it doesn't surprise you because it wasn't funny, then I agree 100%! I wasn't satisfied with that choice. Who would have been funnier there? Maybe someone already dead?
  18. It doesn't surprise him at all because he beliebs that you likely listen to "the Biebs."

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