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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

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  2. Just in case anyone is wondering, I don't think he was kidding. Looking at the comments to this tweet by his followers, it's incredible how people are nothing more than sheep, and very proud of it. Scary really.
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  3. Interesting

  4. So if this is the case then why are they saying we need to keep wearing masks and social distancing into 2022?

    The Biden administration came in and was able to ride in to office off the backs of the vaccine effort from the Trump administration, then changed the way how positive tests are counted.

    You are a democrat boot licking drone that masquerades as an "above the fray libertarian" and are acting like it was actual policy that the Biden admin implemented that has changed the trajectory.
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  6. No [ #2020 ]
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  7. That is a better gif than the one I was going to post.

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  8. And they call Republicans a cult.
  9. I don't recall who said it first but it was spot on: You want to know what the left is doing, look at what they are accusing you of doing.
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  10. My dog needs a chew toy
  11. I can already hear it now: Biden/Harris 2024... or else covid will come back
  12. I need these so that I can take them over to Louisiana and find me a voodoo priestess to "bless" them, then go get me some knitting needles and let the fun begin.
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