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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. She ok?

    I initially did a CT Scan, a full body bone scan, a full blood work up. Everything came back great. They couldn’t figure it out.

    The PET/CT Scan, which the insurance wouldn’t pay for so I paid for it myself, is what finally confirmed it was cancer.
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  2. Depends. Many pga tour pros fly private. Some who may not be long on the money list would have fewer sponsor dollars and have been known to fly commercial.

    Champions tour has quite a few guys fly commercial.

    And there is a decent number of pros who have started driving to tourneys via motorhomes. That way they travel with their family.
    I'm sure distance comes into the decision.
  3. It definitely is appropriate . My best friend has been battling a rare form of leukemia for about 3 years. He is currently in remission but his immune system sucks. He functions normally but catches a cold at the drop of a hat. We just canceled a trip to Nola because it just isn't worth it.

    God speed to you . It's a tough battle but you seem to have the right attitude about it.
  4. I had to do a double take on that last paragraph, damn Ron. But from what I’ve gathered over the years just from kfc you’re a tough son of a gun and will meet this head on. Good luck and keep us updated on your recovery. And congrats on the upcoming birth of your son. What an awesomel moment that will be.
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  5. Good thing you’re a Kuykendall.
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  6. Payne Stewart flew private, IIRC...
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  7. Hang tough and fight strong, Ron.
    Will say a prayer for all.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. o_O
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I think it will turn back to somewhat normal by a month from now.
  12. She is, thanks for asking.
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  13. 93A2F3EA-1F10-464A-A9C7-0C873AA2661F.gif
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  14. British radio station I listen to has said some bigwig with the Tokyo Olympics has said that it will most likely get cancelled...
  15. MD Anderson has a great team.
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  16. That last part was hard to read man. Prayers headed your way buddy and congrats on the kid!!!

    And if this board has proven anything to me beyond that we’re all a bunch of idiots it’s that we rally around our own so don’t forget that if you ever need anything!
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  17. I think you can pretty much take any stance on any issue, regardless of how sane or how batshit crazy it might be, and find someone with a checkmark next to their name that will either totally support or totally destroy your stance. Every time I take a deep dive down one of those wormholes I immediately regret it completely.
  18. What the... I forgot the Players was on this week. Well, too late now. So they still have not made the call in The Masters.

    The reality of how contagious this strain is.

    I think, when you consider players, staff, volunteers and attendees, much like other events we have seen close, overreaction is the correct choice.

    But I'm guessing it will get back to normal by May or June at least.
  19. Watching golf channel.
    So they were going to play with no fans, then pulled the whole thing.

    Geez, this is getting scary.

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