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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. And half as populated.
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  3. Here are the hospital statistics for Illinois and Wisconsin, two of the Midwest states that are all over the news. You read headlines, and you'd think it's just mass chaos and all the beds are gone and people are desperately lined up waiting for care. And then you read facts....there are 11,223 beds in Wisconsin, 1,675 are still available. The situation seems even better in Illinois, scan through the statistics and tell me what seems overly alarming. Statewide 23% of the ICU are still available. And 69% of the ventilators are available. Can we put to bed the ventilator shortage issue and just admit we massively overestimated the need and probably have twice as many as we'll ever need?

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    Border states' liquor stores gonna bank big at 5:01.
  5. When did Florida "reopen"?

    Haven't they been kind of open since May, wasn't that what the big hubbub was over back then? BTW, 3,613 people were hospitalized with COVID as of yesterday. 9,520 were hospitalized on July 21.
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  6. Those idiots have to buy alcohol from the government. There are no privately owned liquor stores in the state. Freaking Communists

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  7. U of MN cancels football practice and is evaluating whether they can play this weekend against Wisconsin.

    If not, UW wouldn't have enough games this year to qualify for B1G championship.

    Northwestern probably took care of that by beating them last week anyway, but... It would be the third cancelled game for the Badgers.
  8. Randy
  9. Yep. Lived there many years ago. They call liquor stores the “state store.” The state stores where I lived weren’t set up for shopping. Just a store front with a counter where you tell an attendant what you want and they go get it.
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  10. Literally nothing about this is stunning. Anyone with a functioning brain saw this coming last spring.
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    “Evidence of masks being effective at preventing COVID-19 transmission has steadily grown over the course of the pandemic”

  13. From the article:

    I guess he is referring to imminent domain?

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