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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. They need fear to keep their niche medical industries bank rolled.
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  2. More from our friend Fauci. I'd say the data coming out colleges, where like at TCU they've had over 1,100 cases among the student body and not one hospitalization, would indicate it's not something that measurably affects young people. Why continue with these nonsense rants. Be up-front with people. Quit exaggerating. "walking death".....seriously?

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  3. Fauci is a fraud.
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  4. Cancer can affect young people. Flu can be serious in young people. Colds can be serious in young people. You don't shut the economy down because of it.

    Fauci is an academic midget who needs to shut the scheiss up.
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  5. U of Wisconsin notified us that they will be increasing testing frequency to every week (from every other) and they are requiring students to wear masks at all times, including outside.

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  6. In Texas, recent testing, more than 92% of the tests coming back negative.

    Of the nearly 50,000 occupied hospital beds, only 7.47% of those have confirmed COVID.
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  7. So glad we destroyed our economy, thousands of businesses and careers, our mental health, and lives from despair

  8. Not certain, but Im pretty sure this accounts for only confirmed positive cases, which means it wouldn’t account for all the people that had it and never got tested. So the real percentages are probably much lower.
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  9. The other big variable in the calculation is how many will get it before herd immunity or a vaccine. I think around 40,000,000 people are over 70. If they all got Covid, that's 2,160,000 deaths at 94.6% survival rate. Obviously not all will get it, but I think it is tough to argue against limiting spread in that population. Question is how best to do that.
  10. No, it’s not. The 94.6% survival assumes only confirmed positives, doesn’t it? So completely excludes those who have it and never got tested, which the CDC estimated as up to 10x more. So as usual, the numbers are inflated, exaggerated BS that you buy hook line and sinker.
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  11. The CDC says the 0.054 is their best estimate of the current IFR (table 1), which uses an estimate of all cases, including asymptomatic, undiagnosed cases, in the denominator. CFR is the Case fatality ratio, which is only the diagnosed cases.

  12. I think the IFR is low enough in the other age groups to pretty much let virus be virus. But in that age group I think that is too high to let virus be virus and I suspect most here would agree. Question always is how to we protect that vulnerable but get to as normal as possible at the same time?
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    You give them the choice to do whatever the hell they want. Stay home, wear a mask, do nothing.... whatever.

    Meanwhile the thing EVERYONE should be doing is using this as a wake up call to start taking care of themselves and stop feeding me [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] like "big is beautiful". No it isn't. You're lazy, fat, and look like [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] and you are gonna die far younger than you would have otherwise because of it.
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  14. They should probably mostly stay home until they get an effective vaccine and the people in the less vulnerable age groups should help with shopping, necessities, etc.
  15. Yeah, it's not that complicated. Truth be told, from what I have witnessed, that demographic has a higher "who gives a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]" attitude about the virus anyway, especially those on the older end of that demo who are obviously the ones most at risk. Let them deal with it how they see fit, let them live out their lives on their terms.

    The people we are most trying to save by these methods are the ones who least want to be saved by these methods. Makes no sense.
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  16. I mean let's face it, if you're over 75 your odds of dying from ANYTHING in any given year probably aren't much different than the COVID number above.
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  17. And the answer is, you let them stay home if they don't want to take a chance at getting it.
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  18. I would guess that the %'s if you're over 80 are substantially higher than the 70-80 range, and that is skewing the total number quite a bit, but yes, once you reach 80 you aren't scared of dying as much as not enjoying life. Quality of life can get so bad that people literally want to die.

    Kind of macabre, but it's almost shocking to me, and a little disturbing, how prepared for death my parents are. The thought of it doesn't really scare them at all. I'm not near that point, but I think when you get that age that's what happens. And if you think I'm tired of COVID, you should talk to my mom. Talk about having had it with this stuff.

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