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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. In the back of your mind, you always hope/assume both sides would come together during a legitimate crisis. But short of a Russian nuclear attack, that ain't happening. They'll get something done soon on the bailout package, I believe, but the opportunists need to be exposed after it's all said and done, both Ds and Rs. That quote coming from Whip Clyburn is infuriating.
  2. fairly well acknowledged by you in prior posts that you are dick to posters of all creeds, colors, fonts, and political affiliations
  3. Welcome to the club in states like Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.
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  4. I saw Twitter video of 2 chicks and a dude drinking beer off each other's ass cracks..... Whatever you can catch from that.
  5. truly amazing how sheila jackson lee continues to get re-elected and before anyone suggests race she is the same race as her competition.

    she and al green's districts are [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] holes that still have piles of debris from not only harvey, but in green's case freaking tropical storm allison and they keep getting voted back into office.
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  6. Oh I'm definitely a dick, just not in a political sense.
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  7. all of the above and a couple of things still waiting to be discovered
  8. and it is DS's like the owner of the carwash that are literally going to get us all in Ft Worth forced to stay IN our house under threat of criminal prosecution enforced by the National Guard - because that is how reactionary our society is at this point.

    Not sure how anyone would say a carwash is an essential business at this point.

    And yes - I get that he has employees who live pay check to pay check and need to work to get paid, etc.

    I have two small businesses that we closed and are paying employees for now - but chances are if the shut down extends beyond about 4 weeks - neither will ever open again. Sad state but it is one almost all small business owners are facing.
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  9. Whenever we emerge from this I fear the wasteland of businesses I'm used to seeing that simply never return. I don't know the answer but that's exactly what Trump was referencing in his ALL CAPS tweet last night.
  10. A neighbor who has never had parties at her house chose this weekend to have parties in her backyard both Friday and Saturday night.
  11. Maybe it’s a corona virus testing station with a free car wash.
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    sunday drove past a golf course and it was open.

    based upon what i saw from the two guys off the tee while waiting for the light to change they weren't going to have problem staying at least 6' apart
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  13. Pink-eye
  14. wife’s cousins and aunt and uncle went out partying as a family last Sunday for St Patrick’s Day. Made IG stories and everything showing a packed to the gills bar complete with a band and the usual revelry.

    now aunt and uncle have the covid.
  15. Clyburn is a corrupt slimy piece of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] that represents everything that is wrong with the democrat party and Washington politics in general.

    Now I await being called a racist.
  16. It's because in black communities, community leaders and preachers/pastors are the ones who call the shots. Whoever pays off the community leaders/pastors are the ones who get the support of their communities.

    Because the democrat party has these payoffs on lockdown, that is how they continue to get elected.

    This is how Joe Biden is winning all these primaries. The DNC/Biden Campaign pays off the black community leaders and pastors, who then tell the rank and file of these communities to vote for Biden.

    We see the same thing with the "souls to the polls" day every 2 years for elections.

    And its why we call it the Democrat Party Plantation.

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